To Marry Or Not to Marry

Marriage is a full time commitment that many people may not be ready for. It takes a lot of work to make a marriage last. The decision to marry or not to marry may come down to how much of a commitment both parties are willing to make. The decision becomes much easier if both the man and woman are best friends, and they get along well together. The wrong kind of decision to marry are when a man is marrying a woman because of her looks. Finding beautiful women is more of a dating thing than an actual commitment to marriage. When a man is attracted to a woman because of her looks, that could be the starting point in wanting to get to know her better. What a man will really fall in love with is the woman’s personality and character. A woman may be gorgeous, but if she has a horrible personality that can be a turn off for men. Men know that there are thousands of beautiful women out there, so they do not mind letting some women go in order to find others that are more compatible and easier to get along with. Self-esteem plays a large role in how a man makes his choice on whether to marry or not. If a man has low self-esteem, this could affect their judgment when finding the right woman to settle down with. They may feel that they better grab the first woman that they can find, because they may not get another chance. These are the wrong reasons to marry, and most marriages will not last, once a man gains his self-esteem back.

Single fathers who have children may have already been through a horrible divorce, and they are not wanting to make the same mistakes. Single fathers have mostly matured enough to know how marriage works, and they will be more geared towards finding the right woman, instead of just any woman. When a person goes through a marriage that ends up in divorce, their perceptions of marriage change. They may realize the mistakes they made in committing to the wrong spouse for the wrong reasons, and have matured enough to know that they want to do it right the second time. They will in turn be more picky when it comes to the women they date. Having already been married, they may also know more about what they like in a marriage. They will have something to compare the next relationship too. A man may also write out the qualities in a woman that they are looking for, and if the women he meets do not live up to those, he may keep searching for many years. The great thing about single divorced fathers, is that they are in no hurry to get back to the alter. He may realize that he is lonely, but he has also grown up enough to know that this is not a reason to settle for the first woman he finds.

Divorces should never be looked at as failures. Life is a journey, not a destination. The whole reason for life is for people to learn as they grow. People make mistakes all the time, especially when they are young. Acknowledging this fact, will help to take any guilt away, so that they can concentrate on the right things to look for in a woman, if they ever choose to marry again. Divorce can sometimes open people’s eyes to a greater reality. They may realize how their first choices for a spouse came from a different place than where they are now. Maturity changes a person. It gives them better tools when making decisions on whether to marry for the second time to the right person.