Unique and Bizarre Gifts for Dad

Father’s Day is a great way to show your dad just how appreciated he is – but sometimes, the best gifts are not the most typical. As fathers will usually have a different type of relationship with their children than mothers do, gifts do not always have to be straightforward. Sure, a toolbox or some golf clubs would be appreciated, but for Dad, putting a different spin on gift-giving may result in a much better experience.

Growing up, children strive to make lasting memories with their parents, so looking back at the past may give gift givers some unique ideas. Taking into account not only past experiences, but likes, dislikes, and stories that have been told throughout the years is important when trying to decide upon a gift. Ideas can range from really simple to extravagantly planned presents, but what it really comes down to is making an impression.

A gift should be personal, so focusing on the guy’s personality is the first step to working out the ideal gift. What does he like? What does he think about? What would be something that he would do if he could? Taking all of these things into consideration will help make the decision as to what a gift should be. Matching the gift with the guy may seem like a daunting task, but with some thought, it can be done.

Some examples of unique gifts that are actually practical as well are themed gifts. Looking past the typical hunting, golfing, movie and musical themes, giving a gift – or a set of gifts – that ties to another interest will provide proof that not only does what he says matter, but it is understood and appreciated. Gifts that deal with favorite TV shows or sports teams, a favorite food, or even hobby are good places to start, and can lead to may other ideas for gifts. Men are not always thought of as compassionate or even able to remember simple things like dates, favorites, or details, but giving a gift that says “Yep, I listened” will prove that assumption wrong.

A “unique” gift doesn’t always have to be something obscure or unheard of, it just has to be something that wouldn’t immediately be thought of. For the recipient of a gift to fully understand the depth of affection by the giver, the gift has to have meaning, even if it isn’t 100% sentimental.

<b>Some examples of bizarre and unique gifts – and the men that they’d be perfect for:</b>

For the cultured man that enjoys a drink, but can’t be bothered to refill an ice cube tray, a set of whiskey stones will cool a drink without diluting it, and can be reused again and again.

Any man that knows his way around the kitchen – or just loves food – could use a new challenge like a modern cookbook or homebrew kit.

The gift that will give for an entire year, various “of the month”clubs exist to give Dad a new sample each month. Featuring everything from bacon and beef jerky to salsa and hot sauce, these clubs will remind the recipient each month that their tastes do not go unnoticed.

Gifts that play to specific interests work well, too. Musicians will get a kick out of the device that allows any thin piece of plastic to be punched into the shape of a guitar pick, while a man that enjoys writing could get a lot of use out of a USB typewriter that can be attached to their tablet device.

For travelers, different options like watches that show the time in different time zones, or customized map pieces – coasters, key chains, and artwork – or even travel gear like bags, cases and containers – will do.

All of these ideas may seem overwhelming, but in the end the only thing that really matters is that a little bit of thought was put into the gift – it may not hit the mark exactly, but the effort put into giving it will mean more than the actual item.