What to Do When Your Wife Does Not Love You Anymore

She vowed she would love you forever, but humans tend to lie. When a woman who once thought of you as her hero begins to lose her feelings for you, your natural reaction will be psychological devastation. When most men are faced with these circumstances, they head for a bottle or worse. Hopefully, you can be stronger than that. Actually, there is a way to guarantee you will stay stronger than that. It has to do with fighting opposed to running.

While it’s not always the case, in some situations a woman will want to know how much you love her. In other words, by stating or showing that she doesn’t love you anymore, she’s really testing you. She wants to know how hard you will fight to win her back. If you’re spiteful, you will lose her for good. If you breakdown mentally, you will show her you’re weak. She might act supportive, but she really wants a man who can take care of her, not a mental midget. The point here is to show how much you love her and how hard you’re willing to fight for her love. It’s possible it will be that simple. But what if it’s not a test and she really doesn’t love you anymore? This will be a much more challenging situation.

The first thing you need to do is give yourself some alone time. You need to go to a place where you know you won’t be disturbed. For some men, this might mean fishing on a quiet lake. For others, it could mean blending into the crowd at a local bar. Either way, you need to be where you can ease your mind so you can come up with a few potential solutions. If you want to win her back, the following is a good head start.

Go back to when you first met. What was it about you that made her fall in love with you? Your looks? Your humor? Your sense of adventure? Start with getting yourself back to who you used to be. If your wife stopped loving you, it’s most likely because you stopped trying. If your strength was looks, you can get it back – even if you’re old, fat, and bald. The key to looks is dress and confidence, not appearance. If you want to add appearance, hit the gym. Not only will this mold your figure, but it will provide you with more confidence. This confidence will be obvious to anyone, especially your wife. Just make sure you don’t take it to the arrogance level. If humor was your strength, offer to take her to a comedy club. If you try to force your own sense of humor on her, she will be sickened more than impressed. She knows you’re sense of humor and is probably tired of it by now. This doesn’t mean you can’t get her to laugh, just have others do it for you. If a sense of adventure was what made her fall in love with you, you have the easiest solution in the world. Book the most exotic and adventurous vacation you can find. We’re not talking about trying to swim the Amazon – you want to stay alive – but a vacation involving waterfall tours, helicopter tours, and/or bicycling through the countryside filled with vineyards are always a good idea.

Beyond the examples listed above, it’s important that you have the attitude that you won’t quit. This problem will take care of itself, though. If you really love her, you will do everything in your power to make her love you again. If you only think you love her, you will eventually give up. When it comes down to it, whatever is meant to be will happen. How do you know if you really love her? If you feel empty when you haven’t seen her in days, or if you still melt inside when you look at her, you love her.