Why Playing Is So Important For Children

Everyone knows that education is a very important part of a child’s life. But in the pursuit of academic excellence, it’s essential to remember the need for play. From a very young age, children engage in play in order to interact with the world. It helps them to become aware of their surroundings and form bonds with other children, and such carefree activities should not fall by the wayside just because they are old enough to attend school.

One important aspect of play is that it encourages imagination. The most engaging toys for children are not necessarily those that are the fanciest or the most high-tech. More often, they are the incredibly simple toys that the children can manipulate in any number of ways. That’s why building blocks and Legos continue to be popular. Kids can take these very basic objects and use them to create whatever they want, whether it’s architectural, like a castle or a pyramid, or character-based, like a monster or a dog. Another great way to encourage children’s imaginations is to give them art supplies and blank paper, allowing them to fill that canvas in any way they choose.

When children play, they learn how to get along with other people. Solitary play is great, but you should also foster opportunities for your children to spend time with their peers. Take them to the park so that they can meet other children on the playground. Get together with neighbors or relatives who have children of similar ages and let them play in each other’s rooms. Board games are fun if they need a little structure to get them started, but they might do just as well with a jumble of dolls and action figures to play house with.

Another advantage of creative play is that it gets kids moving. Too often, children sit mesmerized in front of the television and don’t get much physical activity. Playing tag out in the backyard or swinging on the swings at the playground will help ensure that your child remains healthy. It’s a good idea to build up those muscles early so that exercise will feel like a joy rather than a chore. Something as simple as a game of fetch with the family dog can have a wonderful effect on a child’s overall health.

Children grow up all too fast, so it’s important to allow them as many opportunities to have fun as you can. Playing with your children is a great way to bond with them, while letting them play on their own helps them to develop self-sufficiency and social skills. Encourage them in their education, but don’t forget to give them some time to explore the world by playing.