Winter Activites for Dads and their Kids

The winter months can be busy with holiday activities and family gatherings. However, after the novelty of the presents wear off a parent is faced with the question of what to do with their children to keep them busy. The winter months offer many opportunities for fathers to spend time with their children. There are many activities that will keep children busy outdoors while providing physical activity and fresh air. A father does not need to spend a large amount of money of winter activities because there are many low cost or free things to do in the winter.

Sledding is a great activity for fathers and their children in the winter. Families can go sledding any time during the daylight hours depending on what is convenient for the family’s schedule. The only thing a father needs when sledding with his children are sleds for each person, warm winter clothing, and a large hill. The thrill of racing down a hill on a sled is a vast improvement over playing video games on a sunny Saturday afternoon. There are a few safety rules that need to be followed when sledding in order to prevent injuries. It is important to sled during daylight hours so people can see obstacles such as bumps and trees. It is also important to wait until the hill is cleared of other people before anyone else goes down the hill. Following these safety rules will help prevent injuries that can result from this winter activity.

After a snowstorm, shoveling out of the piles of snow can be backbreaking work. Why not take a break from shoveling to build a snowman with your children? This is a great thing for fathers to do with their children on those school snow days. All ages of children can help their father with a snowman, from toddlers to high school children. Even infants will enjoy sitting on a sled and watching a snowman taking shape. If time allows, why not expand the snowman idea into a snow family, with a snowman for each person in your family? Your children will burn off a lot of energy while building the snowman in your front yard.

Ice fishing is another sport that dads can do with their children in the winter months. Ice fishing can have beginning costs for the fish house, fishing rods, and tackle. If a father doesn’t’ want to spend a lot of money ice fishing, they can get by with the fishing rods, tackle, and a bucket to sit upon. Going ice fishing with your children has a few benefits. Fathers can teach their children the skills of ice fishing, and they will remember how to ice fish for a lifetime. Also, there is always the chance of catching fish, and having fresh fish in the winter is a nice treat that is normally reserved for summer. There are even ice fishing festivals in many northern states that offer prizes for the biggest fish, the smallest fish, and many other categories.

If you are lucky enough to live near a ski resort this is another winter activity that fathers can do with their children. Most ski resorts offer affordable rates for beginners and children. After a day on the slopes, your family can warm up with a cup of hot chocolate in the ski resort’s lodge. If skiing isn’t your idea of fun, snow tubing at the ski resorts can be a fun activity. This offers the best aspects of sledding without having to trudge back up the hill. Although ski resorts can be expensive compared to other winter activities, they are a fun activity that your children will remember.

Winter should not be a season that is spent indoors. There are many activities that fathers can do with their children in the winter months that are fun and will keep your children active. Whether it is fishing, sledding, skiing, or building a snowman, you and your children will have a great time waiting for spring to arrive.