Beard Trimming Tips

Depending on your features, having a beard can greatly enhance your features. However, having a disheveled, bushy, overgrown beard just won’t do. In order for a beard to be appearance enhancing, it’s important to keep your beard looking well trimmed. Of course, trimming a beard isn’t as easy as it looks. Thankfully, there are certain beard trimming tips that can help you keep your beard looking neat, orderly, and handsome.

  • 1) Have the Right Tools: First and foremost, it’s extremely important to have the right tools in order to effectively trim your beard. In most cases, an electric beard trimmer is one of the smartest purchases for a beard grower. Of course, a pair of scissors may also work. Of course, shaving cream and a razor are essential to properly maintaining a beard.
  • 2) Wash Your Beard Before Trimming: Washing your beard with shampoo and conditioner can make the trimming process much easier; the softer your beard is the easier it will be cut and or trim.
  • 3) Plan Ahead: If you’re trying to change the shape of your beard, know exactly what shape you want before you start trimming. If using an electric trimmer, start by outlining the shape of your desired beard. Furthermore, it can be imperative to know the length of hair you want for your beard; nothing looks worse than uneven hair lengths on a beard.
  • 4) Pay Attention to How the Hair Grows: For best results, trim downward in the direction that your beard grows. When just starting, it’s often better to be safe than sorry and choose the longest setting on your electric trimmer. If you need to, you can go back with a shorter setting to take off additional hair. By going in the direction of the hair you not only lessen your chances of creating unattractive patches, but also reduce the chances of irritating your skin.
  • 5) Keep Your Trimming Tools Clean: Whether you’re using an electric trimmer, scissors, or other tools, it can be vital to keep them clean and in good running order. If using an electric trimmer, it can be especially important to ensure that the blades are sharp and oiled regularly; dull blades can do a terrible trimming job.
  • 6) Use Lots of Mirrors: The best way to get the desired look is to use as many mirrors as possible. By doing so, you’re able to see all angles of your face; you can watch the magic as you trim and shape your beard. You’ll also be able to spot any mistakes faster than if you simply used one mirror.