Common Shaving Problems

The concept of facial grooming appears to be somewhat different for every man. Some men can grow full beards without any effort. Other men may struggle to grow a decent mustache after months of effort. The same thing is found in shaving. Some men shave without any repercussions while others will encounter an assortment of problems while shaving. The following gives a partial summary of the issues some men encounter and some helpful tips for preventing these problems.

Cuts during shaving are a problem that some men may experience. This is usually common for men that are new to shaving, but the will occasionally occur with the experienced shaver. At times this can be the result of a very dull blade. Other times the issue can be caused with a sharp blade. The key to shaving is to know your blade.

If you have a blade that’s dull you need to discard it immediately. A dull blade will often cause you to pull harder at the skin to get a clean smooth shave. The constant pull and scrap can unwittingly tear the skin and leave you spending more time trying to stop the bleeding than you will spend shaving.

This can also happen if you are in a rush and you have a sharp blade present. It’s never a good idea to rush while you’re shaving. If you don’t have time to shave it’s better to neglect this task all together. The idea is to make sure that you shake your aftershave foam well before applying. Once you’ve done this cover your face smoothly and begin to shave slowly. There’s no need to press down heavily with a sharp blade. Shave slowly and rinse the blade several times during this process. Feel the skin to make sure that the hair is removed from the areas that you have targeted. If it isn’t you can return to this areas, but make sure that you only go over these areas lightly. It is a common mistake to cut yourself on the return when you feel hair in the areas that you thought were finished. Instead of rapid quick strokes you should attempt to glance over these areas slowly. This is the best way to avoid cuts.

An even more common shaving problem, especially in black skin, is that of shaving bumps and a reddened area around the throat after shaving. For some men it’s a minor issue. In these instances men can usually apply alcohol after shaving as a form of preventive maintenance.

Others that shave will find that the problem is more severe. Rubbing alcohol is usually not enough to aid in resolving the issues for these extreme cases. For many of the cases that are diagnosed acne is the common issue. The bumps and reddened skin are often the result of hair follicles that become infected with bacteria. This is more common in black males with hair follicles that are usually curled. These tiny specks of hair roll back into the skin when they are cut, and this often results in an occurrence of bumps.

There are steps for aiding in the resolution of the issue. This involves a little prep work before shaving. It is important to obtain a soap free cleanser for the skin. This is essential for removing oils from the skin, and it also aids in softening the hairs before the shave begins. It is also recommended to obtain a clean blade every time. This is will help minimize bacteria during the shaving process.

After the prep work is done you should be sure that your face is wet and that your skin has absorbed the moisture. It is good to use a hot towel to help. It is also important to apply shaving cream well and use an alcohol free toner after you have finished. These steps will benefit anyone that experiences problems while shaving.