Facial Hair Problems & Solutions

If you are about to become a father, then one concern you may have had is whether or not you are going to be able to look fatherly enough for the job. Previously, this never needed to be a concern for you. When you were single and without a child, you could go about your day with practically no cares in the world. If you decided to shave one day, then that was perfectly fine. If you decided that you would like to go for a week or for a month without touching the razor, then that was also perfectly fine. No one was around to throw a big fuss. Of course, if you didn’t shave for months at a time, then some of your friends or family members may have jokingly referred to you as the “mountain man”, but there was never any reason for concern.

Now that you are about to become a father, on the other hand, the rules of the game are about to change dramatically. You will no longer have the freedom to wear your facial hair the way you want to. One of the biggest problems that men face is when they drop and pick up their child from their local day care center. Since you and the mother of your child will probably have to work in order to cover the costs of living for your new family and to pay all the associated taxes to the government, you will need a place to bring your child during your working hours. In this case, many working parents choose a day care center as the perfect solution. In a day care center, your child will be taken care of by an expert team of intelligent child-rearers who have dedicated their lives to the study of the theory and practice of pedagogy. For this reason, it is a great idea to bring your child to a day care center nearly every single day.

The problem arises when you show up at the day care center without properly shaving the night before. Although you never found this to be a problem when you were single, now that you are a father you need to be extra careful. The child-care experts may begin whispering to each other that you appear to be closer in appearance to a vagrant than to a father. They may think that your casual facial hair is indicative of an overarching bad parenting style. They will probably pay even more attention to other aspects of your dress and of your behavior. As soon as they find something solid to pin on you, they will contact the social services office in your area, who will come and take your child away from you.

Although this may seem outrageous, it is becoming more common every day. The best solution to avoid anything like this is to shave every single day. This will give you the appearance of a responsible father who takes care of both himself and his children.

Another common problem that men face when they are grooming their facial hair every morning is cutting. If you aren’t careful, then you can cut your face with your razor blade. This is not only painful, but it can leave an ugly mark on your face. People may gossip about how incompetent you are at shaving. Pretty soon, everyone at work and in your social life may simply assume that you are incompetent at everything, including being a father. The solution to this problem is to avoid cuts. The best way to avoid cuts is to regularly change your razor blades so that they are always fresh and sharp. You should also generously apply shaving cream to your face prior to shaving. This ensures that you will be able to effortlessly slide the blade across your face in a manner that will slice your hair without cutting your face.