How Dads Can Build a Child’s Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is a important key to success in any child’s life. As your child’s father, you are one of the most well-equipped persons to help boost your child’s self-confidence. Doing so can determine how your child views the future, and as a result how your child will do in the future. There are a variety of confidence boosting tricks for dads to help their children improve in this area.

1. Make a conscious effort to focus on the positive aspects of your child.
A good rule to follow is, for very one time you correct your child, make sure to praise your child at least ten times. We all like to focus on the negatives, and children are no different. To hear of your displeasure of his or her actions or opinion can be earth-shattering for a young child. A child who states he or she finds it impossible to please his or her parents is not receiving proper parental feedback, and the parents need to focus on praising the child more frequently.

2. Ask your child to assist you in accomplishing projects or goals.
Finishing the job or accomplishing something important will help your child to feel important. Try to ask your child to assist you with something without making it seem obvious you are simply trying to do so in order to make the child feel better. Choose a task that is somewhat difficult and that you could legitimately use your child’s assistance. Make sure the task is age appropriate, and be gentle in guiding the child. Plant a garden together, change the locks in your house, or do a load of laundry together. Beyond occasional jobs together, it is also a good idea to give your child responsibilities. This communicates trust in your child, and establishes a mutual dependence with one another.

3. Help your child discover a special gift or talent.
Just because you like sports, it doesn’t mean you should expect your child to be a sports star. The infant who you brought home in a baseball jersey onesie may turn out to be the next Beethoven. Or vice versa. Find what your child is good at, and become his or her biggest fan!

4. Listen.
One of the most important things you can do with your child is listen. Listen to dreams of what your child wants to be. Listen to concerns about being mistreated at school. Listen to his or her developing philosophy on the state of the world today. It doesn’t really matter, just listen. Ask questions about what you were told. Remember your conversation and bring it up again several days later. This will help your child know that you truly care.

5. Go out to eat.
Take your child out to eat. Yes, just the two of you. There’s no age too young (well, maybe not while baby’s still into the bottle!), and there’s no age too old. This is a special time to cultivate your relationship, especially if your child has other siblings. During this time, praise your child! Tell him or her how much you love what he or she is doing.

6. Protect your child.
It may seem counterproductive to keep your child at home all day, shielded from any evil influence; but this is protection taken to an extreme. Protect your child from developing unhealthy relationships while the child is young, and take time to equip him or her for facing the real world when he or she is older. Your child is only a child once, so make the most of those early, precious years. Don’t make every issue a battle, but realize there is a bad side to the world your child will one day have to face on his or her own.

Dad’s play a crucial role in helping to build a child’s self-confidence. Show yourself worthy of respect and someone your child can look up to. And love your child the way you would want to be loved yourself!