How To: Buy A Custom-Made Shirt

Graphic t-shirts or shirts with witty sayings on them are quite popular fashion accessories, and many people enjoy wearing them as a fashion and personality statement. While you can find a wide selection of pre-made shirts, sometimes you want to have a shirt custom-made. This may be because you have a witty saying or funny joke you want to print, or you may be wanting to get shirts for a small group of people for keepsakes or to make a uniform for a small club or team. Whatever the reason, many people find themselves wanting to have shirts custom-made.

Several years ago, this would have been a somewhat difficult process, which probably would have consisted of using a mail-order catalogue to have shirts printed by a remote company and shipped to you. However, with the internet, there are now a number of companies from which you can easily order custom-made shirts and have them delivered to you within just a few days.

Which company you choose depends on your needs. If you can roll your own graphics, then a store like is a good solution. All you have to do is upload an image from your computer. They have image guidelines to help you create a properly sized image based on what kind of shirt you are getting. They even let you sell your designs and make money off of it. CafePress is a great option if you want lots of control over your shirt.

Some people may wish not to have to go to the trouble of designing their own graphics, making it the right size, and uploading it. For this, there are a number of different services which let you use an online t-shirt designer. One such company is, although there are quite a few similar services. Their t-shirt designing web application makes it easy to design a t-shirt. You enter the text you want, format it, and move it around on a picture of a shirt. You can add photos and graphics, and arrange it however you like. You can then easily order your shirt from the application.

There is a lot of selection in the online custom t-shirt market. There are a few things to consider when choosing the service you want to use. For one thing, consider how much they charge – one service may be better for buying one shirt, whereas another is geared toward selling large amounts of shirts for teams and clubs. Look at how much they let you customize your shirt, and make sure it will be enough for your needs.

Customizing a shirt is a fun way to express yourself through your clothes and can be a quite effective way to make a statement. Getting a custom shirt can be fun and easy thanks to the convenience of the internet.