How to Entertain at Home On Any Budget

Trying to entertain people on a budget can be something interesting to try to do, especially if you are really wanting to impress whoever your company is. There are several things that you can do to make things look impressive as well as taste wonderful while still staying within the budget that you want to be able to keep. Below are a few tips and tricks to lower the cost on your event, but still keep things big and beautiful.

1)Make Your Own Centerpieces

Centerpieces can be very expensive when you are trying to impress the people you are entertaining. You may have to have several tables that need them. Centerpieces are simple to make and very quick. Depending on the season, you may want to use different themes. You can use many different items that you may already have many of around your house like candles, flowers, and vases.
One fresh idea for making your own beautiful centerpieces requires a little money, but always turns out beautiful. All you need is sparkling water, fruit, and vases from around your own house. Slice up your fresh fruit and toss it into your vases. Fill the vases with cold sparkling water and you are done!

2)Plan Your Menu Ahead of Time

If you are planning on entertaining a lot of people you need to decide whether it’s a sit down dinner or if it’s a simple cocktail party. With cocktail parties you can get away with finger foods and drinks. Finger foods can be made quickly and are fairly cheap to make.
If you are having to serve dinner, then you will want to be sure that everyone that attends has rsvped to the event. Even in the event that you have gotten all the rsvps make sure to make a little more than you plan for because someone will always show up that hasn’t responded. Keep your foods simple. The fancy part is done in the presentation. As long as everything looks wonderful, you can serve something as simple as spaghetti and meatballs.

3)Order Drinks and Mixers in Bulk

When entertaining adults, you are going to go through a lot of alcohol. Buy larger bottles and have your person that is making drinks use a little less alcohol. If you are using bottles of wine or champagne, you are going to do better by buying a cheaper brand and more alcohol than buying something more expensive and having less to offer. Be overprepared.

4)Get Help

You don’t have to plan everything by yourself. You probably have friends who have entertained on a budget before and they can give you great tips on things you can do to make things impressive. They may also be able to tell you places that you can go to get great deals on large amounts of the things that you need. If you are having a huge event, you may want to hire an event planner and let them know what your budget is. It’s also perfectly acceptable to ask the people that you will be entertaining what they would like for dinner. This will give you ideas of what to do so that everyone is happy with the job you have done.

5)It Doesn’t Have to Be Formal

Even backyard barbeques are a way of entertaining people. Sometimes people would rather sit on your backyard furniture with barbeque ribs and beer, than have to be formal. It’s also alright to take people out for dinner or even have a pot luck. The formality of the event depends on who you are entertaining, so you can be as formal or informal as you want.

Make sure that the event is fun for everyone involved and that whoever your guest of honor are have a great time. This is the most important thing. Remember that being a host or hostess of a party doesn’t mean that you can have any fun at the event as well.