Kids’ party food tips

Unlike adults, kids just love a great party with eye catching, mouth watering, tasty dishes. Great variety foods are fun for the jaunty little guys and that’s why they’re ready to party. These foods are seldom served at home (maybe they’re not served at all) and eating them on such a special moment makes it even special. The party also makes the kid try a variety of foods that he refuses to eat at home, because his companions are eating them too.
Start planning things in advance. If you’re thinking of planning the menu, contact the parents of other kids and find out if they have food allergies. This helps in deciding the perfect menu as allergic triggers are sometimes dangerous. If a kid brings his own food, encourage him to bring enough food to share with his party mates. This will also help the other kids know about other types of food.

Duration of the party should be short and sweet. Keep it not too short but don’t keep it for one whole day. Toddlers can have a party for around two hours whereas older kids can have a party for four to five hours. Don’t disappoint the children by canceling the party in case of any changeable circumstances. Be prepared with an alternate party plan if your primary party plan doesn’t work out.

See to it that the children involve in planning and preparing for the party. It boosts their excitement and motivates them to learn to be helpful. If you want, you can teach your child some acceptable behaviors in the party. Don’t overload the child with discipline; after all, a kid would learn it as he grows. Another thing that excites the kids is the games that are being played. Choose and pick out games that the kids will enjoy playing and present something to the winner of each game. Load a cardboard box full of presents as give away, Frisbees are great give away, and give it to the kids only when they leave as that they don’t unwrap the covers, throw it on the floor and make the house a mess.

Coming to the food part, variety of foods is very important. The kids should have the freedom to choose between foods they want to eat, don’t force them to eat anything. Fruits like chocolate banana, seedless grapes, apple squares are favored by kids. Put crisps on a big bowl and place it on the table so that the kids who like it will eat them happily and those who don’t will not even care about it (yes, that’s kids for you). Pizzas and chips – the hot favorites of all the kids! Heat pizzas and chips in oven and serve them. Fun size yoghurt pots, bread sticks, chocolates (kit-kat, Milky Way, Hershey’s kisses) are fun foods that children love eating. Drinks are all the more important. You don’t want any of the kids to be dehydrated. Fruit juices, squash, coca-cola, Pepsi can be given to older children.