Kids Furniture That Will Keep Growing With Them

It all begins when expectant moms and dads go shopping for baby. The one essential ingredient for the upcoming bundle-of-joy’s bedroom is the crib, but how do you choose the right one? There are so many cribs on the market it can seem a daunting task to find the best one. When selecting a crib consider how you plan to use it. Obviously your child will outgrow the crib, so what will you do then? Convertible cribs seem to be the best choice because they grow right along with the child and are a real bargain since they can go with a child from birth to the big step of leaving the nest.

First, they are the essential crib that every newborn/infant requires for a good night’s sleep. Next, remove a section and using the same crib mattress, viola you have an instant toddler bed. Finally, when a full-size bed is necessary simply purchase a full-size mattress and a set of rails to easily transition from toddler bed to full-size adult bed. No doubt, the convertible crib is worth every penny spent and sold everywhere baby furniture is available.

Another important aspect of completing a nursery is the additional pieces of furniture. A changing table might come to mind first and luckily these have been updated to coordinate with the functionality of the convertible crib. Convertible changing tables are now widely available and drastically extend the life of a table that once only functioned for six months or so. Today’s convertible changing tables either feature a removable changing table or the ability to be turned upside-down to become a standard chest of drawers. Either way, the changing table becomes a furniture piece that provides function for children, adolescents and adults.

Perhaps an overlooked item is the armoire. Maybe thought to be too formal or mature for a child’s room, armoires are making their way into nurseries and for good reason. These beautiful cabinets are perfect for housing little clothing and blankets, but lend themselves quite nicely to hiding folded sweatshirts, sweaters, jeans and the like for older children. Well into the adolescent years and adulthood, armoires increase in value with the adaptability to continue storing clothing or transitioning into an entertainment center housing televisions, video games and computers.

A chest of drawers is probably the next essential item after the bed. Essential for storing socks, undergarments, t-shirts and loungewear, a chest of drawers always has a purpose in a bedroom for kids and adults alike. If limited on space, consider the convertible changing table that transitions to the chest of drawers to maximize space.

If the furniture styles found online and in stores seem too mature and not kid-friendly enough, don’t sweat it. Today’s furniture pieces simply build the foundation to the nursery/bedroom. They provide a strong backdrop to the personalized style found in the bedding, curtains, rugs and wall decor choices. Such accessories become the focal points and stand out against the sturdy backdrop providing a functional and frugal room that will keep growing with your child.