The Ultimate Garden Shed for Weary Husbands

If you’re like most husbands, the honey-do list keeps getting longer and longer. Finish the job quickly, and she expects you’re oh-so qualified to take on more. Do the job slowly, and she still adds more. Add to that your own list of things to get done, and it can easily become enough to knock a grown man down…and still have the list in hand! Ah yes, epic fail. So what does a weary husband do to get things done and get away?

Enter the ultimate garden shed for weary husbands.

If you nodded your head to anything in the first paragraph, you need one too. It very well could transform a weary husband into the ultimate husband-the ultimate husband with the ultimate garden shed.

So what does it take to have the ultimate garden shed? Consider it an outdoor mancave. It’s an office, it’s a retreat, it’s a honey-I’m-getting-lots done hideaway, and oh yeah, it’s a shed, the ultimate garden shed. Here is a list of some important things to consider when transforming your average garden shed into an ultimate garden shed.

You will need some form of power.
Manly men need power. If you want to consider making the ultimate garden shed a permanent feature of your property, consider adding electricity for heating, cooling, lighting, and a power source. Draw your electric from a nearby circuit provider (most likely your house) on your property. This can be done and will provide 110 volt power, unless you’d like to add some further manliness by putting major appliances in the shed. In that case, you’ll need a more intensive wiring system. But for purposes here, we’ll assume you won’t.

For cooling, add a window fan; if your shed is large enough, you may also consider adding a ceiling fan. For heating, consider using a propane heater. Or score some extra man points, and go without either. You’ll also probably want to add some lighting.

You will need walls and insulation.
You may want to consider putting up drywall and adding insulation. Especially if your ultimate garden shed doesn’t happen to be located on a tropical island. Once the wiring has been added, enjoy a weekend project of filling the roof space and wall spaces with fiberglass insulation, covered up with drywall. Next, pick a manly color and have fun painting. A few manly decorations here and there–trophies, photos with the big bass, and a deer mount are just a few ideas. If there aren’t windows already built into the shed, you’ll probably want to consider putting at least one in the shed.

You will need the ultimate accessories.
You can be simple with this or you can choose to go all out. But definitely on this list is a place to sit and relax. An old comfy couch is great, so long as it isn’t covered in a floral pattern. You might also consider adding a fridge to keep the drinks cool. A TV, DVD player, and maybe even a sound system make the place feel like your ultimate garden shed. It’s your space, so you can go all out as much as you want (or can afford!) or you can make it feel like a rustic mountain retreat in your very own suburban yard.

You need security.
It would be the ultimate disappointment if someone were to get away with permanently borrowing items from your ultimate garden shed. For that reason, you’ll also want to make sure that at the very least you have a locked door. But then again, why not go all out and get a rottweiler, an alarm system, a hidden camera, and maybe even put up a chain link fence? And don’t forget to make sure you’re keeping the big bad bugs out, especially those of the stinging and biting variety.

The possibilities are endless. But having a place for you, the weary husband, to retreat is important for you, your wife, your children, and your sanity.