Unique Features of the Weber Performer Charcoal Grill

For many men, summer actually begins with the first seasonal lighting of the grill. Let’s face it; most men get some kind of elemental charge from playing with fire, and when this excitement results in a delicious meal, it is even more pleasurable. For this reason, men seem to prefer cooking with charcoal over using a gas grill. The fire and smoke are time-honored signals that we can feed our families well, and the search for the most versatile charcoal grill is continuous.

One of the most interesting new charcoal grills on the market is the Weber Performer charcoal grill. This grill is loaded with features that save time and space and result in the ultimate grilling experience. The Weber Performer comes equipped with a thermometer which allows the chef to monitor the temperature and ensure that the food he serves is safe to share with others. It also has a unique lid holder which allows the lid to be eased to one side to give easy access to the food for marinating or flipping.

One of the most appreciated features of the Weber Performer grill is the Touch-and-Go Gas Ignition System. This patented device ignites the charcoal without matches, lighters, or huffing and puffing. Just push one button, and the charcoal begins to smolder. Another great idea that Weber has incorporated into the Performer grill is a useful charcoal storage bin. Conveniently located on the side of the grill, this container holds at least twenty pounds of charcoal and has a cover to keep it dry.

The cooking grate on the Weber Performer charcoal grill is also appreciated by those who love grilling. The grate is constructed of durable plated steel and has a special hinge which allows it to be lifted if more charcoal is needed for the fire. This also makes cleaning the underside of the grate easier. The ash catcher at the bottom of the grill adds to the simplicity of keeping the Performer clean. The three hooks located on the side of this grill are another convenient feature that sets the Performer apart. These can be used to keep utensils clean and ready for quick use.

To give the chef more control over cooking with indirect heat, the Weber Performer has a basket divided into two sections. Each holds the appropriate amount of charcoal for evenly heating both sides of the grill. The twenty-two and a half inch bowl of this grill is large enough to create plenty of heat and maintains it for a longer period of time.
The Weber Performer is available in three great colors: dark blue, black, and green. All materials are made to withstand the elements, including the knobs and handles on these grills. This grilling machine stands forty inches in height to make it comfortable for use and comes with a reassuring warranty. In fact, Weber includes a pamphlet of several suggested recipes with each grill.

The next time the urge for a new grill strikes, it might be a good idea to check out the Weber Performer charcoal grill. Weber has a reputation for creating some of the best grills available, and the Performer may be several notches above other charcoal grills that are currently being manufactured. For tailgating or grilling on the back deck, this grill seems to offer all of the options that any great cook could desire.