10 Sure Signs that You Need More Sleep

10 Sure Signs that You Need More SleepIs sleep holding you back? It’s surprising at how many people suffer from sleep depravation. Are you one of the people who is more likely to stay up late playing games or working on a last minute project than to eat dinner at a regular hour? If so, then you are probably suffering from sleep deprivation. Unfortunately, chronic sleep deprivation can lead to a great number of health problems like:

• Memory Lapses
• Weak Immune System
• Lack of Concentration
• Decreased Reaction Times
• Depression
• High Blood Pressure

It’s clear that not sleeping can do more than just make you grouchy. It’s important to get back on track. The reality is that most people don’t realize they are suffering from a lack of sleep. Here are some of the more common signs of sleep deprivation.
<h2>The Words “Good Morning” Have Become Only a Memory</h2>
If you’re hearing the words “Good Afternoon” upon waking up, chances are that you’re having issues with sleep deprivation. Of course, this doesn’t apply if you work a graveyard shift. In all other cases, it would be prudent to get back on track.
<h2>You Complain About Getting up ‘Early’ for Your 1:00 Appointment</h2>
If you have to drag yourself out of bed for an afternoon appointment, chances are that your internal clock has been thrown out of balance. In other words, get more sleep!
<h2>Your Day Starts out with Lunch</h2>
If breakfast is something you only remember from your childhood, then something’s wrong. Get back on track and get more sleep. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Also, sleep deprivation can lead to irregular eating patterns, making you not eat on a regular schedule. This is why people who suffer from sleeplessness either lose or gain weight very rapidly.
<h2>Infomercial Spokesmen and Televangelists are Part of your Late Night Routine</h2>
If you can name infomercial spokesmen and their products, chances are you’re staying up too late.
<h2>While Reading This Article, You’ve Checked your E-Mail Twice and Looked at Another Website</h2>
Sleeplessness causes people to lose their focus. Therefore, if you’re having trouble focusing on one task, then you are most likely a victim. Splashing cold water on your face might do the trick for a few minutes, but more sleep would completely fix the problem.
<h2>Carrying on a Normal Conversation feels like Work</h2>
You might go out on Friday night, but sleeplessness will make it extremely hard to carry on a normal conversation. You might find yourself either sitting alone or making a complete fool out of yourself. Either way, it’s not a happy ending.
<h2>Afternoon Naps Become Longer than a Normal Night’s Sleep</h2>
This one if a no-brainer. If you find yourself taking really long afternoon naps, then you’re likely suffering from sleeplessness. Get back on track by sleeping 8 hours every night.
<h2>You’re constantly Losing your Cell Phone</h2>
Your brain depends on sleep in order to function correctly. Sleep deprivation can lead to short term memory loss. So if you find yourself misplacing your phone, chances are that you need more quality rest.
<h2>Getting Sleepy while Driving</h2>
Dozing off at the wheel during short trips is usually a good sign that you’re suffering from sleep deprivation. This isn’t limited to driving, but any task that puts your life at risk. Get more sleep if you find yourself falling prey to this.
<h2>You Lose Sleep because it Took you an Hour to Read this List</h2>
Enough said. If you found yourself reading this list over and over because some of it sounds like you, then you are a victim of sleeplessness. How can you fix the problem? A good old fashioned bedtime is one way to beat sleeplessness. Follow that up with a healthy breakfast. Eat dinner at least 3 hours before your bedtime. Drink only water at night. There are a lot of ways to fix the problem. The bottom line is to sleep at least 8 hours a day.