8 Ways to Save Your Heart

heart healthAs dads, we have a lot to live for. We have a family that’s depending on us. And we have a lot to look forward to. We want to be there for graduations and plays and first dates and driving lessons and marriage and seeing the bright smiles of our grandchildren. We want to think about on all the great moments we wouldn’t swap for any amount of money in the world.

We love being dads. We want to be dads for as long as our health lets us. As long as we can draw breathe. This is of course going to require taking care of ourselves. There isn’t much we can do about the unexpected. We’d love to show you how to dodge a bullet. We can tell you how to avoid getting hit by a bus. (Look before you cross, man.) But you can increase the chances you’ll live a long, healthy life if you take care of yourself, starting with the heart.

Here are eight ways to keep your heart safe, promoting the possibility of being there when your grandchildren walk down the aisle.

Sex, Sex and More Sex
Now the little woman has to be more accommodating. Studies released by the Journal of Cardiology show men that have sex at least three times a week are 45 percent less likely to develop heart disease than men having it once a month or less.

Dirty Air is Bad for You (Big Surprise!)
The minute particles in pollution thicken the carotid artery wall. Inhale enough of it and open up the chance of heart attacks. Now it would be ridiculous to tell you don’t go outside (though you’d probably like that). We can tell you to save runs and other activities for the afternoon when particle levels are at their lowest.

Beans: Not Just For Gas Anymore
Dads who consume a daily cup of fiber rich beans, lentils or chickpeas reduce the blood pressure’s systolic system by 4 mm Hg after 12 weeks. Put beans in your salad and soups. If you’re a fan of curry, throw some lentils into it. As long as you pass on the rice, chili lovers can go for another cup.

Handy Blood Pressure Exercise 
Handgrips generate what’s called shear stress, a measure of friction force from fluid acting on a body in that fluid’s path. Research shows that four weeks of four two handgrips with each hand can lower one’s blood pressure by 10 percent.

This Yolks for You
Contrary to previous reports, a recent Brazilian study reveals a link between productive coronary arteries and eggs. According to this study, eggs aren’t raising bad cholesterol levels, instead its E and B12 vitamins may be helping to clean out the system.

Monitor the BPM
It’s a good idea to check your pulse every morning. For dads on the healthy side, the average rate is 70 or below. If your rate is higher than that for longer than seven days, you should make an appointment with your doctor.

Get in the Exercise
Work related stress is the greatest cause of heart disease. Don’t let your job burn you out and interfere with the better aspects of your life. If you feel you are burning out, do cardio up to three times a week. Studies show it can reduce heart risk through job stress by almost 60 percent.

Omega-3 fats fight inflammation. Alpha nuts like walnuts contain alpha-linolenic acids, an essential omega-3 component. Consuming half a cop of walnut halves daily will do wonders for the function of the blood vessel.

Remember, we want you around for a long time, Dad. So put a little more energy (and the tips above) into safeguarding your heart and we’ll see you at your grandchild’s big day!