Causes of Infertility in Men-Common Causes for Male Infertility And How to Overcome Them Naturally

Male infertility is a condition that causes a man to experience difficulty in getting a woman pregnant. It is estimated that nearly 15 percent of couples are infertile. Couples who are under the age of 35 are considered infertile if they have unsuccessfully tried to get pregnant for at least a year. Couples are considered infertile after six months of trying to conceive if they are over the age of 35.

Forty to fifty percent of infertility cases can be attributed to the man. Infertility is a heartbreaking condition, but the good news is that can be treated in most cases once the cause has been identified.
Below are some of the possible causes of male infertility:

Low testosterone- A man cannot produce viable sperm unless he has a certain amount of testosterone. Injury to the testicles, illness , infection and obesity are some of the most common causes of low testosterone.

Certain medications- There are a number of medications that can decrease sperm count and motility.
Cancer medications and steroids are two examples of medications that can interfere with a man’s fertility. Discontinuing these medications may restore a man’s fertility.

Testicle overheating- Sitting in hot tubs or sauna can decrease sperm count. A man can also decrease his sperm count if he wears tight clothing.

Alcohol/drug use- Drug use can decrease sperm count and motility. That is why the use of drugs should be avoided completely. If a man chooses to drink, he should limit his consumption to two drinks per day.

Treatment for male infertility

Take a zinc supplement- There has been evidence to suggest that zinc can increase sperm count and fertility. In fact, some sources say that up to 74 percent of men who take zinc supplements will be able to get their partners pregnant. Furthermore, health experts have found that many infertile men are deficient in zinc.

Take antioxidant supplements-Vitamin C, vitamin E and selenium are examples of antioxidant supplements. Antioxidants help reduce the oxidative damage, which can contribute to low sperm count.

Lose weight- Men who are over their ideal body weight are more likely to suffer from infertility. That is why overweight people should make an effort to lose at least ten pounds. Losing weight can help restore fertility.

When to see a doctor

Men who have tried natural remedies for six months and still have not been able to get their partners pregnant, should see a doctor. Infertility may indicate a serious medical problem that needs to be treated.