Effective Ways to Grow Hair in Spite of Hair Loss

Do you fear becoming bald as you grow older? Hair loss is a part of life for many men. More hairs on the pillow case or in the bathroom sink mean less hairs staying on your head. What used to be a full head of flawless locks may eventually turn into a thinning crown. If you realize that you are losing hair there are several steps that you can take to help regrow your hair and grow new hair in order to achieve a fuller head of hair. Many of these steps are simple and quick fixes that you can start immediately.

Hair Styles

Hair loss and prevention of hair loss has many different factors affecting it. One often overlooked factor that may cause hair loss is the style in which you wear your hair. For example, men with long hair who wear it pulled back into a ponytail may experience more hair loss than men that let their hair hang loosely. A tight ponytail can pull the hair back too harshly and cause or accelerate hair loss. Also, many men who are experiencing the beginning stages of hair loss reach for a baseball cap or other hat to cover up their thinning hair. This can actually cause more harm than good. A tight hat can restrict airflow and cause damage and additional hair loss. If you notice that your loosing hair, don’t try to pull it back or cover it up. Your best chance for growing more hair is to allow your scalp to breathe and be healthy.


Getting enough sleep is an essential part of healthy living. For the hard working man, getting a full night’s sleep can be difficult, but if you want to regrow your lost hair, try to get as much sleep as possible. Stress and lack of sleep can cause hormonal changes and changes in the effectiveness of the body’s immune system. Hair is extremely sensitive to small changes in the body. These changes that result from a lack of restful sleep can cause hair loss. By getting enough sleep, your body, hair, and scalp will be healthier.


Deficiency in certain vitamins and nutrients have been linked to hair loss. If you are looking to grow hair in spite of your hair loss, don’t leave the healthy greens for your wife. Green and leafy vegetables are full of vitamins C and A and iron, all of which have an effect on hair. The vitamins in particular help to stimulate secretion of oils that are released in the hair follicle. These oils contribute a great deal to the health of your hair and scalp.

While over the counter treatments or even expensive laser treatments may be effective in treating hair loss, they are often expensive and time consuming. By making a few simple changes in your everyday life, you can effectively regrow lost hair or grow new hair to combat hair loss.