Testosterone and You: The Impact of This Hormone on You Mentally, Physically and Emotionally

Testosterone is the primary reason that you feel and look different than your wife or daughter. This substance in your blood is responsible for making you a man. Women have testosterone in their bodies as well, but they have a much smaller amount.

What Is Testosterone?

Testosterone is a hormone. The male member of all species of almost all mammals, reptiles, birds and fish have this hormone in large amounts when compared to the females of the same species. It is testosterone which causes your body to have more muscles, more bone mass and more hair. Testosterone has also proven to be useful for maintaining overall health. It also seems to prevent osteoporosis.

How Is It Produced?

Your body derives this hormone from cholesterol. However, most of your body’s testosterone is produced in your testicles. From there, it travels throughout your body in the bloodstream.

How Testosterone Affects You

Testosterone is much more than a chemical that makes you different from women. It also has an impact on your emotions, your fertility and your energy level. It plays in important role every day of your life. Your testosterone level is not set or permanent. Your lifestyle and your age play a role in how much testosterone you produce.

Emotionally, testosterone is important in confrontations more than anything else. The amount of testosterone in your blood will help determine your response in a fight-or-flight situation. It is also responsible for the amount of aggression that you display in any given scenario. Recent studies suggest that this hormone encourages risk-taking.

Interestingly, your testosterone levels decreased when you fell in love. They decrease every time that you fall in love. The amount of testosterone in your blood has also dropped since you became a father. Apparently, this helps you be a more paternal and caring figure in your children’s lives.

Without testosterone, however, you would never have become a father. This hormone plays a direct role in producing sperm. As testosterone levels increase, a man becomes more potent.

Overall, testosterone helps to control and maintain your energy level. Declines in levels of this hormone can cause men to become lethargic. It also impacts your mental energy. Testosterone is responsible for helping you to concentrate and tackle abstract problems.

Testosterone and You
Basically, your testosterone levels decide a great deal about your personality. You should not over analyze this, however, and think that every up and down has something to do with your testosterone level. This hormone does play an undeniable part in your outlook on life, though, and you should not be surprised when you feel different emotionally after you experience a great athletic victory or suffer a loss in your job or in a fight with your wife. This is your testosterone adjusting to your immediate environment.