The Benefits of Green Tea to Men’s Health

It is an irrefutable fact that any kind of tea is healthy. Whether it is green, black, or white, they all contain the same kind of antioxidants that fight disease because they all come from the same plant. However, green tea contains much higher levels of catechin, an extremely potent antioxidant. Many studies have shown positive results between men who drink green tea on a regular basis and decreased risk of certain health problems that generally affect men. Before you start judging green tea as a “feminine” drink and grab a beer, take a second to learn just how beneficial a cup a day could be for your health.

An animal study was performed that showed a direct correlation between the antioxidants in green tea and the lowering of systolic and diastolic blood pressure measurements. The World Health Organization supported it, published it, and continued with its theories in a more extensive human study conducted by the researchers from Harvard Medical School. This study confirmed that green tea can slightly reduce blood pressure and considerably reduce total cholesterol. It can also reduce chronic inflammation which is linked to many cardiovascular diseases.

Heart disease is scary enough, but the “c” word is the one that truly gets to people. While the antioxidants in green tea do not protect against all types of cancer, they do protect against some, and that should be enough motivation to add green tea to your daily diet. In China, where men regularly drink green tea, studies have proven the tea to be the reason they have an extremely small chance of developing stomach, esophageal, or digestive system cancers. Also, these same men who have been drinking green tea regularly for long periods of time are at a much lower risk of developing prostate cancer. The National Cancer Institute is currently examining the ability of green tea to protect against skin cancer in a topical application form, but the studies are inconclusive at the moment.

This next benefit of green tea makes perfect sense; green tea prevents gum disease. If drinking it keeps cancer out of your system and rubbing it on your skin may prevent skin damage, then it seems natural that the mouth would benefit as well. The reason gum disease is so rare in a frequent tea drinker is because it prevents inflammation, the leading cause of gum disease.

These previously listed ideas are the most extreme benefits from green tea, but let’s not forget the smaller, day-to-day advantages of this drink.

• The powerful antioxidants protect against free radicals that cause unwanted physical signs of aging.
• These antioxidants also boost the body’s immune system making it less likely that you will catch even a minor cold.
• The tannin found in green tea produces an energized feeling and increased alertness without the high levels of caffeine that result in jitters and crashing.
• Green tea increases the body’s metabolism and oxidizes fat which makes it easier to lose or maintain weight.
• For over 5,000 years, Asian cultures have incorporated green tea into their cleansing rituals to flush out toxins from their body.

It is not a coincidence that green tea has been used for healing and cleansing for millenniums. Even without scientific research to back up their claims, Asian cultures revered green tea as a means to get or maintain good health. If you still cannot bring yourself to drink a daily cup of tea, consider investing in a supplement that contains the green tea extract. So many benefits have been proven, many more are in the beginning stages of research, and it is likely that most possible benefits haven’t even been considered. Today, in our world of facts, statistics, and need for proof, green tea still stands tall high above the alternatives.