The Best Shaving Products For Men

Shaving can either be the best part of a man’s day or an absolute nightmare, depending on the way that you shave and the tools that you use. Every guy wants to get a perfect shave down, and with a few good shaving products, you can turn each morning’s shave into a Zen-like experience.

First of all, throw away your dual-blade razors, and unless you’re tied to your three or four blade razor, throw it away, too. Multiple blade razors work by raising the hair up and then cutting it near the root, but this can cause pain and irritation. Some guys have very tough skin and won’t notice this irritation, but other guys will start to see razor burn and other issues that are both unsightly and uncomfortable. If this sounds like you, you’ll need to move to an old fashioned safety razor.

Safety razors from the 1950’s through the 1970’s are available on websites like eBay and through specialty shaving websites. They’re very cheap, and they work extremely well. In fact, they work so well that you’ll probably cut yourself during your first shave–be very careful, and read as many guides as you can to learn how to use a safety razor. You’ll let the weight of the razor do all the work, and use multiple strokes with the grain of your face before going to the side of the grain for the final few strokes. Your shave may take a little bit longer, but you’ll have a smooth face with minimal irritation, and additional blades for your safety razor won’t cost very much. Companies like Dorco make great safety razor blades.

You’ll also need a good shaving brush to lather your cream onto your face. Use a pure badger or higher grade shaving brush that has a good bounce to it. Let it sit in hot water for a moment before you start shaving. While you can use some simple Barbasol shaving cream, you’ll get the best effect by using a coconut based shaving cream that’s designed for use with a brush. Try to find a shaving cream with a pleasant smell and few unnatural chemicals. You should avoid products with glycerol. You want a shaving cream that just helps your facial hair stay up before you cut it with your safety razor, not something that “cools” or “gels” or does anything else to your face. Remember, you’re shaving, not running a science experiment–keep things simple, and if all else fails, just use a bit of soap.

A good post shave is absolutely essential. Skip alcohol based aftershaves. They’ll simply irritate your pores. Instead, look for a good shaving lotion designed specifically for a man’s face. Again, you want a fairly natural lotion that will keep your face hydrated. This will help you to cut down on the chances of razor burn, and your face will feel much more comfortable after every shave. There are even a few pre-shave lotions available, and these are great for especially sensitive skin. Remember to douse your skin with hot water before you start to shave, as this will help your pores open up and keep your skin hydrated throughout the shaving process. It’s a good idea to start shaving immediately after your shower each day, as this ensures that your skin will be prepared to face your razor, and you won’t have to worry about proper hydration as much.

For the best results, shave with your new shaving products every day. It can take some time to learn to use a safety razor and a brush, but within a week or so you’ll be shaving like a pro. Use the best shaving products that you can find, and experiment from time to time. You’ll enjoy shaving each day, and you’ll quickly be able to decide which products are ideal for your face, hair, and skin.