A Divorce Lawyer For Men

If you are currently having a bit of trouble in your marriage, then you should know that you are not alone. Every year, millions of people become disillusioned with their marriage. In the past, it would have been an extremely terrible idea to try to get a divorce from your wife. You would have been stigmatized by your social community, and it may have been difficult to find another wife or girlfriend in the future. Today, all that has changed. Amazingly, more marriages end in divorce than marriages that actually last. When two people come together in a marriage, they are more likely to divorce each other in the future than to part at death as they expressed in their vows. Even if you live in a community that might frown upon your divorce, it is quite simple to become highly mobile in today’s society. You can simply emigrate to a new city and look for love there. In major urban areas like New York City, Boston, or San Francisco, people get married and divorced about as often as they change their shoes. You may find one of these cities more to your tastes.

One of the toughest aspects of getting a divorce is determining how to divide up things like your house, cars, bank accounts, and even children. You will be amazed at how vicious your former wife will become when it comes time to collect her “fair share” of the wealth you have accumulated. Throughout your marriage, she probably derided your money as inconsequential; she loved you for your personality, not for your money. However, all this will change as soon as a divorce is on the table. Suddenly, your wife and her lawyers will be so interested in taking your money that it would put the IRS to shame.

To protect yourself against this outright looting of everything you have worked for, it is important to contact a divorce lawyer for men. Divorce lawyers for men are typically experts at helping hapless men protect their property. Divorce lawyers for women typically specialize in something far different: they are experts at pirating and squeezing every last cent out of their victims. Here are a few of the major things you should be wary of when it comes to your divorce proceedings.

The first thing to look out for is alimony. This is one of the most offensive ways that a woman will try to extort you after you get divorced. She will say that she has grown accustomed to a particular lifestyle by virtue of being your wife, so you need to pay in order for her to keep that same level of comfort. Her lawyer will say that this must be done in the name of social justice: it simply isn’t fair to kick someone out on the street simply because she’s been an unfaithful and undevoted wife. In fact, it is her very unfaithfulness that you should take pity on and support her for the rest of her days. She will then use this money to take vacations with her new boyfriends.

The second thing to look out for is child support. This is an extremely tricky area, because your ex-wife and her lawyer will lean heavily on appeals to emotion and the moral high ground in order to extract as much money from you as possible. Be prepared to hear the words “for the good of the children” over and over and over. How is a man supposed to argue against the good of his own children? It’s such a nasty trick. You can be rest assured that your ex-wife will spend all the money on herself and her new boyfriends, while the children become neglected and corrupted by her morality. The best course of action in this instance is to fight for custody of the children yourself. This way you can ensure that they are raised to be good, virtuous children.