Home Security Tips For Single Parents

Keeping our kids happy and safe; as parents that is our main goal. Often keeping our children safe in a world that is increasingly unsafe is a daunting task. In single parent households the task is doubly hard. How do we keep our kids safe when our eyes and ears can’t be everywhere?

Tip #1 – Educate

It is important to know that discussing safety issues with your children at an early age is paramount to keeping them safe. Don’t worry about scaring them. Maybe a little fear is a good thing. The following are basic things you need to teach your children in order to promote security and safety in your home.

Make sure your children know how to call 911.
They should know their full names, your full name, their address, their phone number, and your cell phone number.
Never open the door to someone you don’t know, even if mom or dad are home. Get an adult before opening the door.
Keep the doors locked. Home invasions are easily avoided.
Know where the phone is at all times.
If they see anything out of the ordinary, broken screen, busted window, etc. don’t go in the house.

Tip #2 – Prepare

Single parents cannot sit back and wait for something to happen, we have to be proactive. There are several things you can do to make sure that your home is as secure as it can be.

Keep bushes and shrubs clipped and trimmed. It would be easy for someone to hide in overgrown shrubbery.
Lock up medications, chemicals, anything that can possibly be ingested. This will prevent any accidental poisoning.
Keep important numbers in a central location for quick access. This includes Poison Control, hospital, doctor, dentist, friends and family in your support system.
Educate your children. Make sure they are not caught off guard.
If your children are old enough to leave at home alone develop a safe password with them so, if anyone tries to enter the house they cannot come in without saying that word. It needs to be a common word that other people couldn’t figure out such as pickle or balloons, names of pets and important people are too easily guessed.
Have a support system. As much as we want to do everything ourselves, we all need other people. Call on the important people in your life to have your back, for your sake and the sake of your children.
Get to know your neighbors. They can be a first line of defense against security threats outside and inside the home.

Tip #3 – Evaluate

It isn’t enough to have a plan in place. You need to, on a regular basis, evaluate the parts of the plan and make any adjustments accordingly.

· Keep your numbers up to date. Did you change doctors? Does your sister or your friend have a new cell phone number? Make sure your list of important numbers is correct.

· Check your windows and doors periodically. Are the locks working properly? Is there anything that needs to be fixed? Windows and doors are your first line of defense against someone in your home.

· Check smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and any other form of home safety equipment regularly. Everything must stay in proper working order.

· Make sure your children are prepared. Discuss the plans you have in place frequently so they will remember what they need to do.

· Change your safe password on a regular basis. Every time your children are left alone there should be a different safe word.

Being safe is a major concern for parents. We love our children and never want to see them hurt. By following these tips we can make home a safe, comfortable place for us and our children.