Foosball Techniques for Beginners

If an individual is picking up the game of foosball for the firs time, it can be a little intimidating playing against players that have more experience. The separation between a beginner and an advanced player is the emphasis the advanced player puts on the technique that is involved with the game. It is important to remember that these advanced players were once beginners as well but have spent hours and hours in their local pub or basement practicing. This is where new players can begin to feel discouraged; especially if they do not have someone there to tell them what they are doing wrong and they continue to develop bad habits. Here are a few pointers for those just beginning to play the wonderful game of foosball.

The biggest mistake that a beginner makes when they are starting out is spinning the rods. Everyone has done it, whether it was just walking past the table or actually playing the game, everyone cannot wait to spin the rods. Although this may seem like the best strategy to produce a powerful and awesome shot, this is the biggest “tell” to show that you are just beginning to play foosball. Generally, spinning the rod is considered illegal and can even lead to damaging the foosball table. Respecting the table, whether it is in the pub or at a friend’s house is of the utmost importance and spinning the rods on the table is the first way to lose respect from other players.
In order to develop a powerful shot, implementing a wrist flick is much more powerful and widely accepted in the realm of foosball. Simply flick the wrist down while maintaining a firm grasp on the rod throughout the shot. This needs to be a quick and controlled movement so that the rod is rotating with the wrist. Aiming is as easy as hitting the ball off-center, depending on the direction you want the shot to go. When shooting, it is also important to remember to use the walls. Nothing catches an opposing goalie off-guard than a hard shot that ricochets off the wall and into the net. All of this can be controlled and mastered through repetitive practice and numerous games of foosball.
Having a powerful shot is only part of the game and there a number of other elements that need to be mastered in order to become a complete player. Everyone has seen frantic games of foosball where it looks like no team is in control and the ball is flying around the table. This is another sign that there a beginners on the table. In order to get around defenders it is imperative to control the ball on the table by only taking shots that you have set up, not wild shots with the ball flying out of control. The best way to do this is to pass the ball between players. This can be done in two different fashions. Once the ball is intercepted, the ball can be played to players on different rods by simply passing it forward between or around the defenders by using the wall. The ball can also be passed to players on the same rod by using the side of the player to pass the ball laterally. The advantage to this is that shots can be set up to perfection and there is nothing the other team can do in order to intercept these passes. Perfecting this skill separates beginner players from those who actually know how to play foosball.
Becoming a better foosball player takes time and practice, but that is the fun part. Learning the game of foosball is something that all men should know how to do since it is a staple at any bar or man cave. Learning the techniques of foosball is something that will not only impress friends, but will give you something to kill time waiting for the wives to finish shopping.