Portable Basketball Hoops: The Good and The Bad

Portable Basketball Hoops: The Good and The BadMost parents want what’s best for their kids in every area of life. If your kids are interested in playing bass call, giving them a basketball goal is a logical thing to do. In this situation, you may be considering buying a portable last will goal for your home. While the portable basketball goal has some advantages, it may not be the best option for you to consider, depending on your situation. Here are some good and bad things to consider about a portable basketball goal.


One of the biggest advantages of a portable basketball goal is that it is relatively cheap. When you compare it to a permanent goal that is attached to a pole in the ground, it is usually quite a bit cheaper. You can buy them at almost any big retailer like Wal-Mart or Target. If you are on a tight budget, getting a portable basketball goal can give your kids a way to practice without you having to break the bank.

Easy to Transport

Another benefit of getting a portable basketball goal is that it is easy to transport. When you buy the goal from the store, it typically comes in a big box that you can fit in the back of an SUV or a truck. When you get a full basketball goal to install permanently, you may need a big truck or a trailer to haul it home. If you buy a portable goal, you won’t have to worry about any of that, as it is pretty simple to get it home.

After the goal has been set up, you can also move it around. If you want to move it to the back of the house, you simply roll it over there. With a permanent basketball goal, you don’t really have this luxury. Once you set it up, it’s there for the long-term.

Not as Sturdy

The downfalls of a portable basketball goal is that it’s not quite as sturdy as a permanent goal. With a portable basketball goal, you typically fill the base with water or sand to give it some weight. This is what holds the goal in place. If you’ve ever played on a portable basketball goal, you know that it can move around and isn’t that sturdy. If someone dunks on the goal, it can completely move the base, which requires you to move it back into place every time. When you shoot the ball, the rim might have a little bit more bounce to it as well. While your shooting in the backyard, this might help you get a few extra lucky rolls. Once your child transitions to playing in a gym, his high shooting percentage might not come with him. Being able to simulate real game conditions is important if you want your child to be as good as possible.

Potential for Injury

When using a portable basketball goal, you also have to be aware of the potential for injury. Portable goals have a big base at the bottom of them to keep them upright. When someone playing on the goal drives to the hoop to shoot a layup, his momentum may carry him into the base. This increases the potential of twisting an ankle or injuring a knee on the court. With a permanent goal, there is a single pole that goes down into the ground further back away from the court. If the goal is attached to the side of a building, there is also nothing down below to step on. While many people play on portable goals without ever getting injured, there is always that possibility.


If you are trying to decide what type of basketball goal to get for your house, consider all of these factors, and then pick the one that’s best for you and your kids. If you have the money and the space, go with a permanent goal. If not, any goal is going to make a world of difference when it comes to helping your kids get better at basketball.