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    Lotto winner

    Well, honestly, I would save a lot of it. I would keep my job, so I wouldn't feel like I would have to rely on my winnings. I would probably buy a nicer apartment. I would buy my boyfriend and my grandma a nice car.
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    Is your kid good at making friends?

    Does your child make friends easily? So far, my daughter seems to be like me when I was a kid, and likes to keep to herself. I worry about it. I want her to be able to make friends and not be afraid to make friends. What can I do? Does you child seem to make friends easily?
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    Magic Tricks?

    Haha, my daughter hasn't even seen any magic tricks, yet. I remember being so fascinated as a kid when I would see magic shows on television. I wonder if my daughter will be the same way.
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    Ice skating tomorrow

    I hope you have a lot of fun! Ice skating can be an enjoyable time. Enjoy yourself. Just be careful and don't forget to have fun!
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    Does she look down upon you?

    Why does she talk down on him and act like it is a bad thing that he is a stay at home dad? She needs someone to stay at home and watch the kids since she work during the day. She should be grateful. And no, I don't think that is always the case with most stay at home dads.
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    No Internet at New Place

    I'm sorry to hear that. I also have Comcast as my internet provider, and their costumer service is not that great. Hopefully you get your internet soon.
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    Kitten for my daughters

    Awww. Well, it definitely isn't a bad decision. Cats can be so cuddly and affectionate. I think pets are good for children. They're going to be antsy for the next several weeks waiting for the kitten, haha.
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    What was your initial reaction?

    What was your initial reaction when you first found out your wife/girlfriend was pregnant? Was the pregnancy planned? My wife's pregnancy was planned and we had been trying to have a baby for a while. My wife was so happy that she was crying when we found out. I was also very happy, as I...
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    Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime

    I have used both Netflix and Amazon Prime. I prefer Amazon Prime over Netflix. Netflix doesn't always have a lot to choose from. They do add new shows and movies from time to time, though.
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    Django Unchained

    I loved that movie, and that's saying something. I am usually very picky when it comes to movies, but I loved Django Unchained. It was really good.
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    Snowman time!

    Haha, building snowmen with the kids is always fun. My daughter loves to be outside in the snow. I just have to make sure I keep her bundled up.
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    How old to stay home alone?

    This is a hard one. I will always be afraid to leave my daughter home alone until she is an adult, because I am over-protective. Honestly, the youngest age that I would leave my daughter home alone would be eighteen... But I know that's over-doing it. I would say that it depends on the...
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    They are growing up!

    Yes, they do. Time really flies. It makes me sad. My daughter will be four soon. It seems like just yesterday, I was holding a baby in my arms.
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    Wife wants the tree down already

    We have a fake tree and we usually keep ours up until New Year's. It is more out of laziness than anything else, though, haha. It looks pretty up, but after a certain period of time, I feel like it's more appropriate to take it down.
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    Outdoor activities for all weather conditions?

    What are some activities that you like to do with your children in the warmer months and in the colder months? In the winter, sometimes my wife and I will take our daughter sledding. In the summer, we take her to the zoo. She loves that. She also loves going to the beach and building sand...