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    Swimming For Joints?

    It is a lot easier on the joints because gravity isn't as much of an issue. It's so much easier to move around. They even have those special therapy pools that have extra warm water.
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    Everyone sick

    Sorry to hear it. So far I have managed to avoid this round but the cold and flu season is really starting to take off. I know a great deal of people that have been sick lately and the news is saying that there are now thirty five states that have reported cases of H1N1 swine flu. Stay safe out...
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    Ice skating tomorrow

    Good luck and have fun. I'd tell you to 'break a leg' but under these circumstances that might not be the best thing to say. :D
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    Credit card statement

    That's when reality hits home for most people. We stayed within our means this year. It's hard not being able to give the kids everything that they want, but they do have everything they need, which is the important thing.
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    Kitten for my daughters

    Oh, yes, they know. :) They lost their beloved pet cat a couple months ago due to old age. We had that cat since before the kids were born and we were not quite ready to have another one yet. I think it's time now.
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    Kitten for my daughters

    They have been nagging us for a new kitten quite a lot lately and after much discussion we decided that we would let them get one. My wife's friend has a litter of them right now but they won't be ready for several weeks.
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    No Internet at New Place

    I wonder what is taking them so long. They are a huge service provider. Internet is an essential service these days. I would call them every single day until they get it taken care of and let them know how much you've been inconvenienced.
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    Snowman time!

    My youngest has a snowsuit which keeps her pretty toasty and dry. The fourteen year old is too cool to be seen wearing one. As for me, I froze in my long johns and jeans.
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    Wife wants the tree down already

    I took the tree down this morning. My wife had to work today and it's just me and the girls. We made a game out of it and thought we'd surprise my wife and have it all done before she gets home. Now, the reward is to head outside and play in the snow.
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    Snowman time!

    We've had several inches of snow in the last few days and a whole lot more is coming down right now. The girls and I are headed out the door to make a snowman! Wish me luck. I may need a couple gallons of hot chocolate before we're done. :)
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    A lot depends on the kid's age and ability. Make sure they wear protective gear like knee and elbow pads, and a helmet. I don't think skateboards have ever gone out of style. They keep getting more high tech.
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    Wife wants the tree down already

    I've never heard that it's bad luck to have a tree up on New Year's Day. I've heard the opposite. The Twelve Days of Christmas start on Christmas day and end on January 7th, the day after Epiphany. I think a lot of people confuse Advent with the Twelve Days of Christmas.
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    Leftovers! - really?

    I hate waste. It doesn't seem right to have so much go into the trash when people are going hungry. Plus, the cost of food is just too much to be throwing any away. So, yes, leftovers are eaten or frozen before they can spoil.
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    Not respecting our wishes

    Some people have a lot of nerve. I don't know if it is because they don't think things through before opening their mouths or if they just don't care.
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    Dude, You're S*rewed

    The thing I always wonder about with these shows is the camera crew. Someone must be there with them in this predicament. I haven't seen either show yet but they look interesting.