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    What career field would you go into?

    I kinda wish I would have went into Forestry or something like that. Something where I get to work outdoors. However I really cannot complain, other then maybe working too much at times.
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    Everyone sick

    So it looks like it started early this year. My son being sick from the start of the year. The wife then caught it a bit and then me then back to the wife and my youngest son has the cough and had a slight fever. Right now the only one who did not seem to get sick is the daughter...
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    I can do a bit myself. Some things I hire out. A lot of AC work, plumbing and electrical. I can do some of it, but most is beyond me. If I had time I could figure it out but some of it I figure is best left to the pros.
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    How moody was your wife/girlfriend during pregnancy?

    The wife said her doctor put her on medication to control her moods with her first baby. She switched doctors after we got married and he would not put her on anything. Yeah by child number three I was ready to look for a hotel room. Each one seems a little worse. But it is part of the...
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    One of Those Months

    Yeah I'm having one of those months but they seem the norm anymore. Kinda sad what you can get used to. But we will find a way as usual.
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    Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime

    I have netflix and prime. We order a bit through amazon and the wife enjoys netflix. Something I would like to do soon is switch off cable to roku, antenna, and chromecast.
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    They are growing up!

    My oldest is going to be six soon. My youngest is talking, walking and climbing. I'm amazed at the new words every day.
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    Wife wants the tree down already

    I already took everything down. The wife doesn't care if they are up or not and the youngest kept pulling at things. We also seem to be leaving for my sons checkup earlier then previous years. So it just seemed right while I had the time. Otherwise January 6th is the typical day I like to...
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    Grilling in Winter

    Yup, grill, bbq, I'll even use the dutch ovens if I have time. I wish we had a fire place big enough and I would cook on that. Even a old pot belly stove would be nice to have. But instead I will just go outside and cook.
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    Storm coming in

    You got to send some down here. They are talking about 83 degrees Friday or Saturday I cannot remember. Could use some cold weather.
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    Ontario mom urges schools to let asthmatic kids carry puffers

    It seems a lot of schools will not allow it. Even if the child is not allowed then the teacher should at least have one. Like I said our son does not have one on him constantly, but the teacher has it. We also have a child epi-pen in the back pack too.
  12. jason Santa and Jesus not white?

    Today's Santa is biased on many different myths, legends, historical and folkloric origins. Yes Saint Nicholas played a role, mostly in name. However, there are many parts of Santa that can be traced back before Christianity. Some of those include Odin. An old Scandinavian folklore was also...
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    Ontario mom urges schools to let asthmatic kids carry puffers

    Ontario schools should allow students with asthma to carry puffers with them in case of emergencies, says the mother of a 12-year-old boy who died when no one could get his inhaler in time because it was locked in the principal's office. Ryan Gibbons died Oct. 9, 2012 when he suffered a...
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    Weird Winter Weather

    It was in the 80's here the past week. My garden should be doing well with the cool weather crop but they are doing pretty bad. If I known the weather would be like this I would have planted warm weather stuff.
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    Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning?

    The wife buys pajamas every year for the family. They get wrapped up and you are allowed to open them Christmas Eve. The morning everyone gets to open the rest and then I get to make a nice big breakfast.