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    Saving for a new big screen TV

    The only flat screen in our home is the computer monitor. My Christmas wish for this year is to have a new flat screen TV that can show 3D movies. My savings is not enough though so I might have to wait until next year.
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    Monitoring kids online usage

    I don't know how old your daughter is but one of the Facebook's terms and conditions is that you should be 13 or older in order to register. This has been violated in many occasions and parental guidance is the only way to check our young ones not to get indulge in social sites. I also...
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    My Brother-In-Law Is A Battered Husband

    My wife was saddened when she found out that her brother moved out of their home and rented another apartment. He wasn't physically assaulted by his wife but he was emotionally battered everyday. He decided to leave in order for their 2-year old son not to witness the fights. Should we...
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    Cure or Prevention of Hemorrhoid

    What is a sitz bath and how do I do it? I don't have constipation issues as I defecate regularly and I eat food that is rich in fiber.
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    Cure or Prevention of Hemorrhoid

    It is not what you think because I won't tell about the cure and prevention of hemorrhoid. I have it right now and I wanted to know if you guys have any ideas on how to cure and how to prevent from happening again. The cause of this illness is still under researched but prolonged sitting and...
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    Wanting Another One

    Hello everyone and glad to be here. I became a dad 1 year and 8 months ago. Now that our baby is starting to mumble things and likes to run around, I miss the times when he was just my arm length and would carry him in the middle of the night to make him fall asleep. That is why I wanted another...