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    Weird Winter Weather

    The other morning I left for work and it was sunny and dry. Half way to work I ended up in a white out, with so much snow you could only see a few feet ahead of you. When I got to work the weather was clear and it hadn't snowed there. I was ten minutes late and I don't think they believed my...
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    What's your favorite Christmas food?

    Turkey stuffing and cookies! There are always so many cookies around our house at the holidays. I really like the gingerbread and sugar cookies, my wife has to hide them from me.
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    When would you forgive?

    I think the same as Timothy. It's hard to forget something like that and it will always be in the back of your mind. They say time heals but I don't know.
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    Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning?

    We visit the grandparents Christmas Eve so they have those presents to open at night. They are usually up bright and early Christmas day to open their presents before breakfast. My brother holds Christmas dinner, so after a noon nap we head over there for more presents.
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    How Much Do You Spend on Gifts?

    With Christmas only weeks away I'm trying to figure out how much I will be spending on gifts this year. Most of the time we go overboard and regret it afterwards. Their friends get these ridiculously extravagant gifts every year and I'm not spending that much on presents. I've told them not...
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    Weird Winter Weather

    I use to enjoy winter, when all you worried about was the amount of snow to shovel and cold weather. Now the weather seems to be all over the map with really cold and warm days combined. Snow changes to freezing rain and back to snow again. Is this a sign of winters to come?
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    Paul Walker crash

    Someone actually did that? The person will probably try to sell it as memorabilia on eBay. Probably figures they will make a fortune off of it. The things people do sometimes boggles my mind.
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    She Will Never Have a Name

    You'll come up with a name before the baby is born. Our daughter's name ends with an a and is Italian. I remember really liking the name Amelia. We didn't choose that name but decided if we had a second girl that's what we would name her.
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    Doing things apart

    I think most people need a little time to themselves. I have children and sometimes I just need to go off on my own to hear myself think. Not all the time but the occasional time alone is good for a person.
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    Are you sending out Christmas cards?

    We haven't sent cards through the mail in years. My wife sends online messages to close family members that we don't see often. We usually see extended family at Christmas so we stopped sending them. It was a waste of money and we always had to make sure they were in the mail on time.
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    Xbox One

    My son bought a PS4 and he loves it. He decided the Xbox One wasn't ready yet so there was no point in buying it. He's played it a bit with friends online but with his college classes and assignments he hasn't had a lot of time to play. I haven't used it yet but his mother has played and she...
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    Miss My Son's Hockey Games

    You're right davie, it is expensive. He played competitive hockey for years and we found it ridiculous how expensive it was. When you think of the low number of kids who actually go on to play in the big hockey leagues, it is a lot of money to invest with no assurance of anything in the future.
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    Wanting Another One

    We waited 2 years and a few months, so that by the time our second child was born they were almost 3 years apart. It work out great for us since the oldest was at an age where he didn't feel that we were paying too much attention to his sister. He was a big help for my wife, helping with baths...
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    How do I teach them to ride a bike with my bad back?

    What a great idea Victor. Where do you buy this bar, in department stores or online? This would definitely help a lot of people avoid back pain trying to teach their children how to bicycle. I'll mention it to my neighbors, their children are at the age where they will want to start bicycling.
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    Miss My Son's Hockey Games

    For years we would go to my son's hockey games and cheer him and his teammates on. He decided he no longer wanted to play hockey and wanted to spend more time hanging out with friends and doing homework. I'm finding I miss the socializing with other parents and the excitement of the game. Are...