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    They are growing up!

    I know what you mean. My wife dropped off paperwork at the preschool for our oldest to attend next fall when she is five. It just seemed so weird to hear my wife say "I dropped by the school".
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    Re-freezing chicken?

    I'm pretty sure refreezing thawed chicken is a bad idea. I'd never do it. Cook the extra chicken plain and use it in other dishes.
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    Car Battery

    I live in a warm climate so it wasn't bad. I feel sorry for all of you up north! I was on my way to the gym at the time, but since my wife was home, I just took the other car to go work out.
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    What was your initial reaction?

    My initial reaction each time was happiness (ours were all planned) and then "Oh boy, what did we do?" :D Overall, though, it's all been very positive for us.
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    Car Battery

    The battery in one of our cars died yesterday. We didn't realize it until we couldn't start the car. Luckily it was an easy and relatively cheap fix, but the $100 still hurt.
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    Django Unchained

    Yes, there was the semi-ridiculous stylistic gore that he loves. I also noticed he made a cameo in the movie, which I believe is typical for him.
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    Rough Night

    Yes, we've gotten a bit more sleep since then, thank goodness. She is sick, but the only symptom is the cough, which is much more prevalent when she is lying down. It's odd that she's not feverish or snotty or anything.
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    Magic Tricks?

    Mine haven't seen a magic show yet but I bet they would love it. Do your kids try to do magic tricks themselves or do they just enjoy watching?
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    One of Those Months

    Yes, we've had a rough time as well. We just ordered a new washer since ours finally broke down. We put new tires on one car and need to put new tires on the other. My wife's phone is on its last legs too.
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    Rough Night

    The kids were wound up last night due to the holiday, so they went to bed late. On top of that, my oldest kept coughing and waking frequently, crying as she did so. It was hard to console her. I think I got maybe two solid hours of sleep and the rest was just dozing in between her wakings. I...
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    How do I teach them to ride a bike with my bad back?

    How old are they? Maybe you should give them a few more months and then try again. Perhaps by then they will have more confidence.
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    Wife wants the tree down already

    If we had a real tree and had to deal with needles everywhere, I'd want to take the tree down sooner too, polamalu. We have a fake one though and leave it up until early-mid January.
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    Staying Home for Christmas

    That sounds great! I'd love to just stay at our house on Christmas day instead of spending it at the in-laws' place. Unfortunately, that decision would lead to so much drama and hurt feelings that it's not worth putting my foot down.
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    How moody was your wife/girlfriend during pregnancy?

    I feel for you, Sinbian. I'm in the same boat. Pregnancy exacerbates her moodiness, but she is that way naturally. Sometimes I get annoyed but mostly I am used to it.
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    How were the kids?

    We had a pretty good morning too. Despite our intention to downsize, they still had quite a few gifts piled up under the tree; they were getting antsy by the end.