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    Huge debate on Facebook over story of police killing a 19-year-old

    A father called the cops on his son when his son took off with his truck, without permission, after getting mad at his dad for not buying him cigarettes. The guy ran from the cops, hitting other cars and endangering countless lives, and in the end, was killed by the police. People I know on...
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    Single dads raising girls

    Do you have women in your life to give your girls a female perspective on things? Thank God, I have my mother and my ex-mother-in-law, as well as assorted aunts to make sure the girls have a womanly influence. Although, I've been accused of being more feminine than masculine where I've had to...
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    Tattoos and piercings

    What are your rules on these two things? My girls complain that I'm mean and far too old-fashioned (but I can live with that). I allowed ears to be pierced, but that's it until they're 18. I don't allow tattoos, either. Of course, one child has gone out behind my back and had her belly...
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    Life insurance once the kids are grown

    I did reduce the amount of my life insurance this year, as there is so much less needed to take care of my kids as they're almost grown. I plan on keeping enough to take care of my final expenses and help them finish college. For those of you with grown children, how much life insurance is...
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    That one family member that you wish wasn't family

    I think everyone has at least one of these, right? My cousin is a severe alcoholic and every family get-together, he makes an *** out of himself and embarrasses the rest of us. It's not just the drinking, either, although it makes it worse. The guy is just a jerk in general. Don't understand...
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    Looking for a good recipe for clam or fish chowder

    I love both clam and fish chowder but I can't seem to make them worth a darn. I've tried both several times and I'm just not getting the seasoning right, I guess. They always come out bland. What do you use to season fish or clam chowder?
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    This fall is going to kill me yet, I swear. Ragweed is super bad this year and I've had more headaches, and more bad days with sneezing and congestion, than I have in years. I hate snow, but am almost looking forward to it, just to stop the constant attacks.
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    My oldest is going vegan

    My oldest has just informed me that she is going vegan. While I respect her right to choose to do this, I don't know diddly squat about feeding her now. I told her that I wasn't going to change how I cook for the family, but I would try to keep stuff in the house that she could use for her own...
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    Anyone concerned about GMOs?

    I've become a lot more aware of genetically modified organisms lately, and in particular, the bullying of Monsanto. There is a lot of evidence that GMOs are not nearly as safe as the FDA keeps telling us - a lot of them have been banned in other parts of the world.
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    Few resources for dads

    I'm glad this forum is here. I've spent a lot of time looking for resources like this and found that almost everything out there is geared to the stay-at-home mom. I'd like to see more sites that target the stay-at-home dad as there are rising numbers of us in the world.
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    Anti-inflammatory diet

    Does anyone here eat purposely to cut inflammation? I've been looking into this a lot recently as inflammation is behind most disease today and eating an anti-inflammatory diet seems to be close to what I already eat.
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    NJ 5th-grader planned Columbine style massacre

    A 5th-grader! The child had a very 'elaborate' plan all laid out on his computer, complete with specific targets. You can read more here. I brought this up mainly to ask everyone what they think of this type of thing and why it's happening? Also, what could you do to make sure your kid...
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    Bacon detailing on your car?

    Is this a guy's dream come true or what? Detail your car so it looks like it's wrapped in bacon (read more here). This would be more appealing if it wasn't a Ford Fiesta.
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    What do you think about GMOs and Monsanto?

    The more I read, the more I'm not happy with eating GMO foods. If they're so safe, like the FDA says, why are many things banned in Europe and other parts of the world?
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    Downsizing when all the kids move out

    I'm debating on whether downsizing once all the girls are gone next year is a good idea. I have a mortgage but only about five years left on it. I'm just not sure what I'd do with such a big house when I'm on my own.
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    Losing weight with teens (yeah, right!)

    Teenage girls are totally addicted to junk food or at least, mine are. They do eat healthy overall, but they like their munchies, too. I'm trying to lose a few pounds and it is really hard to resist temptation with all the stuff they keep bringing in.
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    How have you handled eating issues?

    With my three, my kitchen could have easily turned into Dad's Diner, so I had to lay down some rules early on. If you don't want what I made for a meal, you get the choice of either warming up leftovers (if there are any) or a peanut butter sandwich. That's it - no other options. The two...
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    A-Rod doping scandal

    I don't know if this is the talk of the country, but it's certainly on everyone's lips up here. Supposedly there is plenty of evidence that A-Rod not only did steroids like the others involved, but he's the one who bullied everyone into a coverup. This is likely to be a career-ending...
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    Life insurance

    I have a half million dollar policy right now, but with my kids still under 18, I have to make sure the money is distributed evenly if something should happen. I have a will leaving my sister as the executor of my 'estate' and I believe that would cover the life insurance, wouldn't it?
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    When they scatter

    Two of my three girls already plan on moving far from me when they graduate. One wants to move to California (all the way across the country!) and the other wants to move to Miami, FL by her grandfather. Thankfully, one does plan on sticking around dear old dad.