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    Should I?

    Normally I would give my father something for Christmas, but this year we had a falling out, but it has been a long time coming. We haven't spoken in months, aside from at a funeral. We are going to be at the same family gathering this Christmas, where the exchange of presents is expected...
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    Christmas Parade

    We have a Christmas parade in our little town, but usually we go to the parade in the bigger town a few miles away. This year, the weather has been bad almost every Saturday though, so we skipped going to any of the parades. We did make it to the homecoming parade that the local university did a...
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    What's your favorite Christmas food?

    I love turkey and stuffing covered generously in gravy. Aside from that, it would have to be the pies, especially pecan pie. I can't stay away from the stuff!
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    When would you forgive?

    I would be able to forgive pretty quickly, because I try not to hold grudges. However, it would not be something that I would forget about very easily. I don't think that I would stay with someone that is cheating or has cheated. I couldn't trust that person.
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    Sick Co-Workers

    Once I stayed home with my sick child. When I went back to work, my manager had a talk with me about it. I had plenty of sick leave saved up, so I was thinking that I could use that sick time. However, my manager disagreed. I'm glad I don't work there anymore!
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    Are you sending out Christmas cards?

    We don't send out Christmas cards. Sometimes we will print out pictures from the past year and give them to our relatives instead of cards. Cards can get expensive, especially custom ones. I'd rather give out pictures.
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    new medical birth control for a decade?

    Are you talking about the IUD? There are some that work 5 years and some that work for 10. My wife used to have one, and it worked great for us. It can be removed when you want kids.
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    Doing things apart

    I really appreciate it when I get a few minutes to myself. Sometimes it's nice to be able to recharge and take a breather... sometimes even the occasional nap is an amazing thing.
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    I have no idea what is wrong with my in-laws. They did not even call my wife or come see her on her birthday. The bad part is that they live five minutes down the road. We weren't invited for Thanksgiving, which is fine by me. We went to my family's gathering instead. However, it makes me mad...
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    We plan on going to see it, hopefully this weekend. It looks like such a good kids' movie. I have found that as a parent I become just as excited as my son does when a new animated movie comes out in theaters...
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    Miss My Son's Hockey Games

    We have gone a couple of times to the tryouts that they have at the local ice rink. However, the cost was way too much in the end for our son to participate in the hockey league. We are doing flag football now and will be doing baseball next year. I really get into it...
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    How do I teach them to ride a bike with my bad back?

    I've seen these bars before too, but I can't remember what they're called. Maybe you could try Amazon? My son taught himself after he saw his cousins ride their bikes without the training wheels. He was pretty determined.
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    Hunger Games Catching Fire

    We went and saw it on Saturday while our son was at his grandmother's house. I've read the books as well, and it was very true to the book, which pleased me a lot. The movie very good!
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    Yes, they are Timothy. I love books like that - the ones that will keep you up all night trying to finish reading because you can't put them down. The Hunger Games is a great trilogy!
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    Started Christmas Shopping

    Oh, no. We haven't even started shopping yet. I plan on getting most of everything done this week. My son went through the Toys R Us toy book and circled the things that he wanted!
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    Black Friday Shopping

    Are you going out for Black Friday this year? My wife wants to go out shopping, but I'd rather do it online. I have to go with her if she does go, because those crowds can get crazy...
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    Saving for a new big screen TV

    Our big screen went out on us after a storm a few months ago, so we only have a little bitty thing in the living room right now. We are hoping to pick up a new one during the sales next week.
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    I have the Kindle and usually have it on hand for casual reading (and games!). Right now I'm rereading the Hunger Games Catching Fire in lieu of the movie coming out this weekend.
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    Birthday Present...

    I think I will be getting it for her. She actually dragged me to the pawn shop the other day to go look at hand guns with her. I think she's hinting at getting one for Christmas, so it'll be a nice surprise...
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    Birthday Present...

    My wife's birthday is in a couple of weeks. I was thinking about buying her a handgun to give to her as a present. She stays at home during the day while I'm at work and want her to be able to protect herself and our child when I'm not there. She's been talking about getting a gun recently. Is...