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    Books For Young Teens

    Can anyone recommend some good authors for 14 year old girls? My daughter has kind of a year long "assignment". She needs to read a certain amount of books by the end of the school year, and we're kind of at a loss as to which authors write books for that age level.
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    Low Birth Rates

    I just heard that the birth rate among women is the lowest since they started keeping records of this back in 1909. Something like only 1 in 63 women that are of child bearing age, 18 to 44 I think, actually did give birth. Is this a good thing or a bad thing?
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    50 Years Ago Today

    How far do you think we've come in the civil rights movement that Dr. King helped start? Some people say that the fact that we have a black President is proof that we've come a long way, while others believe that discrimination, or prejudism to be precise, is still the same just not admitted to...
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    Books, Books And More Books

    I'm glad to see my daughter getting more interested in reading. I've been telling her for a few years now that without a good grasp of the English language it will be hard to learn anything else. We went to the library yesterday and picked out another book by Laurie Halse Anderson.
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    Forget About The Boys

    What's the best way to get a teenage girl's mind off boys and back onto schoolwork? I'm having kind of a rough time of it right now and could use some advice. Thanks.
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    School Insurance

    If you have a child or children in school sports, do you choose to buy the school insurance in addition to whatever other insurance you have? The school here gives parents that option, but I'm not really seeing the point. It's only volleyball and they already have so many safeguards in place to...
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    Today Is The Day

    Well, it's here. The first day of school for kids in this neck of the woods. Mine is in the 8th grade now so she isn't nervous, but she's not too thrilled about it either.
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    How To Set Up A Network

    When you have two computers, how exactly can you set them up to be a "network"? I'm kind of a newbie when it comes to this because I don't really know how it would benefit me.
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    Streaming Videos To Your Television

    Have you heard about this? It's something Google came up with that lets you plug a device into your television that streams videos from your computer into your television. It costs 35 dollars and is available today. Google introduces $35 device that streams video to your TV -
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    Helping With Work

    If you're a stay at home dad, have you ever tried getting your child or children to help a little with what you do for money? There are parts of my job, incidentals that aren't directly tied to the company itself, yet are job related, that my daughter could do and get paid for. Do you think...
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    Old Friend Found

    The other night I was fiddling around on Facebook, when I actually found an old friend from grade school. How do you start a conversation with someone you haven't seen in 30 years?.
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    The Worst Record

    Does anyone know what the worst record is for a 10 day road trip for a major league baseball team? The Diamondbacks have a 10 day schedule on the road and have only won 1 of 7 of those games. I think they're going for a record.
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    Finally, a New Bill

    That's right, I've been waiting for a few years but I finally got my wish: A new bill from the orthodontist. Yay Me!!!!!!:( That thing is a doozy and now I have to sit down and figure all this out. When a new bill hits, you have to figure it in with everything else. Gotta love fatherhood...
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    Self-Employed Taxes

    I can't remember the source anymore, but I read something interesting one time. If you're self-employed, there is a special tax form you can fill out to file your taxes with that you can do quarterly. You don't have to wait until April 15. Is this true?
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    Garage Sales

    I know garage sales can be good places to find good deals, but do any of you guys go there hoping to meet a woman? Have you ever heard of a good match that was made because of a garage sale?
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    Tebow With The Patriots

    Even if you're not a football fan, you probably have heard of Tim Tebow. Well, he's part of the New England Patriots now. As a longtime fan of the NFL, even I didn't see that one coming. Personally, I don't think it's going to work out in the long run. I just don't think he has the focus and...
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    Labeling People

    How do you feel about people who label others? Do you feel that it's a shortsighted and easy way for people to figure others out?
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    New Song

    I'm the kind of guy who likes music. I don't care if it's new or old, as long as it's good. I just heard a song by The Band Perry called "Better Dig Two" that I really like. It's country, which I like, but the video for it I could do without. Heard any good songs lately?
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    Education And Social Skills

    The mother of my daughter and I have a system of sorts when it comes to raising our daughter. I focus on her schooling and mom focuses on the social aspects of her life. What kind of "system" do you have?
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    Bill Gates Wins Again

    Bill Gates is, once again, the richest man in the world. Coming in at 72.7 Billion dollars he beat out Carlos Slim of Mexico to regain the title. I think it's great because he has said publicly that he and his wife plan on eventually donating 95% of their wealth.