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    Storm coming in

    We are in for a nice winter storm tonight and tomorrow. They say that we are supposed to get upwards of 5 inches of snow, with near white out conditions at time. Wind gusts are going to be really high too.
  2. B Santa and Jesus not white? published an article last week about how the modern world views both Santa and Jesus. Fox news decided they had to respond with this bit of ridiculousness, wherein host Megyn Kelly states: "Santa just is white". She also went on to say that Jesus is as well. It is funny because for...
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    Doing things apart

    There is always such a lot of talk about doing things as a family, but do you think that it is equally important to do things alone? I think that taking some time for yourself away from your family can be an important "reset".
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    Lemon squares

    Oh my goodness! My wife made these lemon bars today that are out of this world. She says that they were really easy to make too. I am usually not a bog fan of lemon, but these were delicious. It was like a sugar cookie base with lemon filling and a glaze on top.
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    Battery troubles

    Well, it looks like my truck is going to need a new battery this year. Looking around, they are about $100 on the cheap end. I have had to jump start my truck 3 times in the last month. It only needs it when the temps have been really low, but that is a good sign that a new one is needed. It...
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    The Amazing Spiderman

    I know that this movie has been out for a while now, but I had steered clear of it after the big disappointments that were the previous Spiderman films. My wife and I were looking for something on TV to watch the other day and came across it. It was actually quite good. The kid who played Peter...
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    My wife and I were watching the news and we heard a story about a man in St. Louis who basically advertised on Craigslist for someone to rape and beat his 11 year old daughter while he watched. Thankfully, the person who answered the ad was an undercover police officer. They set up a meeting and...
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    What a week for the computer

    This week has been a doozie for computer usage in our house. I work from home so having my computer down for any length of time can get costly. First, my computer became infected with a couple of trojans. I am still not quite sure how. Then yesterday afternoon, our ISP disconnected our internet...
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    Making apple butter

    We have an over abundance of apples right now thanks to my father in law. We decided to try something new and make apple butter. It has been cooking in the Crock Pot since last night and it looks like it is almost done. I just did a taste test. It tastes pretty good, but if we make it again I...
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    Blue Man Group

    We went to see The Blue Man Group over the weekend and it was so much fun. We have been once before and it is well worth the ticket price. It is so much fun and it is interactive. Has anyone else seen them? We even took pictures with them afterwards and got their autographs.
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    Gta 5

    Okay, so most of us know that video game ratings are there for a reason, right? If it is marked M, that means that it is not for kids! By no means am I defending the video game industry that produces games like GTA 5 where prostitutes, strippers, theft and murder are all the rage, but they...
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    A bit of a brag

    I went to the grocery store this afternoon and I did awesomely! Kroger was having their Megasale and I had coupons for everything, even meat! I paid just $53 for over $120 worth of food. That is the best I have done in quite awhile.
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    $10 Dinner box

    Has anyone else tried the $10 dinner box from Pizza Hut? It is a really great deal. You get a large 1 topping pizza, a small order of breadsticks, and a small order of cinnasticks. It is more than enough to feed our little family and it is a great price.
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    Zimmerman's impending divorce

    George Zimmerman's wife is filing for divorce stating that she "never really knew him at all." Apparently, since the acquittal, he has been acing like he is invincible. I see him not lasting too long if that is his attitude. I wonder if it is guilt over what he did that has made him act that...
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    Definitely not a role model

    My daughter was in bed by the time the VMA's came on last night so thankfully she didn't see Miley Cyrus up there acting like a stripper. Doesn't she realize that young girls still look up to her as a role model. I am so embarrassed for her because she only succeeded in making herself look like...
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    Picking out a name

    The doctor tells us we are having a boy and we have been trying to decide on a name for months. We have it narrowed down to our 3 top picks but we can't decide. Maybe you guys can give me some input. The names we have picked out are Merrick, Logan and Asher.
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    Sick today

    I woke up today and I am miserable. My nasal passage is so swollen and closed off that I feel like I can't breath. I kind of feel like I am choking. I think I might go lay down and see if I feel better after I wake up.
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    Ready for some football!

    It hardly seems like it is time for football season again, but the college season starts in a few weeks. This year has just flown by. I can't wait to spend football Saturdays on the couch catching the Fighting Irish with my family.
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    Orange is the New Black

    One of our friends recommended this show to us and it is awesome. We watched the whole first season in one week because we just could not get enough. I am not sure if they are going to come out with a second season, but I sure hope so. It is a black comedy about a women's prison.
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    Another test for Florida

    Florida will have another test of it's Stand Your Ground law in the next few months when the case of killer Michael Dunn goes to trial. He killed a 17 year old boy who was sitting in a car at the gas station when he fired 8 or 9 times at the vehicle. Anyone have any thoughts on this one? Do you...