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    Kitten for my daughters

    They have been nagging us for a new kitten quite a lot lately and after much discussion we decided that we would let them get one. My wife's friend has a litter of them right now but they won't be ready for several weeks.
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    Snowman time!

    We've had several inches of snow in the last few days and a whole lot more is coming down right now. The girls and I are headed out the door to make a snowman! Wish me luck. I may need a couple gallons of hot chocolate before we're done. :)
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    Wife wants the tree down already

    By the time Christmas is done, my wife is ready to take down the tree and put all the holiday decorations away. I say that we should leave everything up until after the new year. What's the hurry?
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    Toys For Tots

    We try to put a couple presents in the Toys For Tots box that my wife's employer does every year. This year we gave the girls control over picking out the items to go in the box. We gave them a budget as to what they could spend and took them to the store to pick something out. They chose a...
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    That whole Santa Claus thing

    I'm curious how other people have handled the Santa Claus part of Christmas. My kids are older now so it's no longer an issue. We never really encouraged it, or even discouraged it, when the kids were little. We always treated it more like anyone could be Santa if they are kind and giving and...
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    Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning?

    My wife's family always did their present opening on Christmas Eve and in my family we always waited until Christmas morning. With our kids, we let them pick out one present to open on Christmas Eve and the rest have to wait till morning. We made a compromise. :) What's your tradition?
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    Are you sending out Christmas cards?

    We skipped the last couple years and only sent them out to the people that we received a card from the previous year. It seems like each year we get less and less. I think that's because of the internet and people are in touch more often and don't feel the need to mail cards.
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    Giving an allowance

    Do you give your kids an allowance? My daughters get a few bucks for helping out around the house. There is an understanding that they are required to help because they are part of the family and not just because they want money. There isn't really a set amount. It's merit based and depends on...
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    My daughter wants her ears pierced!

    She doesn't ask for a whole lot and she's a pretty good kid. She does well in school and helps her mom without having to be nagged too much. We thought about it and decided we would allow it. Most of her girlfriends had theirs done years ago and we figured it would be better if we took her...
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    Monitoring kids online usage

    This is getting to be harder as my daughters get older. They want to be on Facebook and various other online sites because they have friends that are doing it, but I worry about their safety. There are too many weirdos "out there". What are your rules and how do you enforce them?
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    The kids want a trampoline for Christmas. I don't want them to have one. A friend's son just broke his ankle and had to get six screws put in to hold it together while he heals. He broke it on the trampoline when he came down wrong on a jump. I keep telling them that we just don't have room for...
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    Breakfast for Dinner

    The kids love having breakfast for dinner so about once a month we will make sausage or bacon, scrambled eggs, pancakes, hash browns, and biscuits for dinner. It's fun and we all enjoy it. :) Is it really so strange to have breakfast for dinner?
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    Not trick-or-treating this year

    My kids always look forward to getting dressed up and going out trick-or-treating. The last couple years they have been really disappointed because the houses with the porch lights on are getting farther and farther apart. This year one of their cousins is having a party at their house, so...
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    Violence in Superhero movies

    My kids love all the superhero movies but does Hollywood have to make them with so much violence knowing full well they will be watched by children? Then they jack up all the marketing and product tie-ins like action figures and even pajamas and underwear to draw in even more kids. I am...
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    Chore Chart

    I got sick and tired of always hearing "I forgot" when asked if a chore had been completed so I made a Chore Chart. On it are boxes with the things the kids are supposed to do for the day or week like empty/fill the dishwasher, feed and walk the dog, pick up their rooms, and so forth. It...