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    Swimming For Joints?

    Yes and it is a great form of exercise even if you have great joints. I love nothing more than a good swim! Even when I was younger and had no major issues swimming was the one thing I enjoyed more than anything else.
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    Lotto winner

    I have not played in years but I was curious, if anyone here won big what would you do? At my age I think I would travel myself and save up for the kids and grand-kids.
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    Getting money back!

    I love getting money back but I still feel silly we had to do it this way in the first place. I guess when we sat down I set the numbers wrong and we overpaid our taxes for the property this past year. After a ton of paperwork to verify everything we will be getting a check back soon. I guess I...
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    Denture Reline

    If this is your first set of dentures it is not a reline that you need but an adjustment. After teeth are pulled your gums will shrink but there is no reason you should need a reline until at least the sixth month after the teeth have been pulled.
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    Credit card statement

    We used our credit cards a little but it was more for things around the house that we wanted to replace or upgrade, not for gifts. Thankfully we learned many decades ago how easy it is to turn credit upside-down.
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    Car Battery

    You know that these things are getting more and more expensive, right? Last year we had to put one in our secondary car and I swear it felt like the price almost doubled.
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    Snowman time!

    We have had zero snow, not even ice which surprises me. Right now we just have cold weather and high winds. They closed down the schools and churches in our area today with a three hour delay.
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    How was your Christmas?

    I know others who have went through similar holidays before. One close friend spent his first holiday as a father without his child because they had literally split the week of Christmas. Hopefully things work out better in the future so the holidays are not as bland for you.
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    No Internet at New Place

    My sister just recently moved and she was stuck without any net for two weeks and no TV for three. Are places just getting slowly at hooking up new customers? It seems like a bad way to do business.
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    Django Unchained

    We caught this during a day show a while back and it was pretty good. Tarantino tends to always put a good spin on a movie no matter what it is about.
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    Wife wants the tree down already

    We take our tree down the weekend after New Year's and that means this weekend. I am happy to say as we get older the trees get smaller so it is not as much of a hassle as it was twenty years ago.
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    Buy some pads to go along with it. They came out late for me but I have been on one and scooted around a few times. We have a picture with the littlest grand-baby and me on one from about ten years ago too. Going down the driveway of course, nothing too crazy for us.
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    Dude, You're S*rewed

    We have only seen one episode of this so far but it looks like it may be promising. The guy ended up being in Costa Rica I think and he was on day four, barely drank anything which messes him up but he survived.
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    Cheesecake from Costco

    I have never in my life paid over ten dollars for a bakery cheesecake but now I can understand why I did. We headed out last night mainly to stock up on toiletries but I had a sweet tooth. This cake weighs in at almost five pounds and it is without a doubt delicious!
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    Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime

    We have tried all of them too, we still keep Netflix but just recently figured out the Amazon Instant thing. I have to say it is pretty darn good, I did not think it would work as good as it does.
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    Not respecting our wishes

    I think if that happened to me I would be upset over it. Not just for the fact that they are disrespecting our wishes but because then it turns into a big deal for all of the kids too. Who wants that drama around the holidays?
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    Grilling in Winter

    We try but sometimes I am just too old and grumpy to try and deal with the cold. I did this just about every year until a few years ago. The winters might have gotten colder too!
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    Dog has anxiety problems

    I only know one person who has a pet that needs medicine like this, and it is a cat. To me the cat seems quite normal. Hopefully this is short term due to the lack of attention you can give right now.
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    When would you forgive?

    Many years ago I was cheated on, not by my wife but my another who I dated. I never got over it and I really do not think I could now even at my age.
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    boil removed

    My doctor said I could get mine removed, it is fairly small so I never really thought about it before. Has anyone gone through with a removal before, what can I expect?