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    How Much Do You Spend on Gifts?

    With Christmas only weeks away I'm trying to figure out how much I will be spending on gifts this year. Most of the time we go overboard and regret it afterwards. Their friends get these ridiculously extravagant gifts every year and I'm not spending that much on presents. I've told them not...
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    Weird Winter Weather

    I use to enjoy winter, when all you worried about was the amount of snow to shovel and cold weather. Now the weather seems to be all over the map with really cold and warm days combined. Snow changes to freezing rain and back to snow again. Is this a sign of winters to come?
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    Miss My Son's Hockey Games

    For years we would go to my son's hockey games and cheer him and his teammates on. He decided he no longer wanted to play hockey and wanted to spend more time hanging out with friends and doing homework. I'm finding I miss the socializing with other parents and the excitement of the game. Are...
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    Anyone foster a Dog

    My son was telling us about a company that takes in lost and abandoned dogs. He was saying how you could foster a dog until they found it a permanent home. I know for a fact that my family would get attached to this dog and then be devastated when we have to give it up. We said although it is...
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    Sick Co-Workers

    Seems that time of year is here again. People at work are coming down with a stomach virus, a nasty one at that. We are short on staff as it is and I'm worn out with double the workload. I've been watching what I eat and trying to get enough sleep so I don't get sick. Seems like every second...
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    Quick Dinner

    I'm not fond of cooking so last night needed something quick to eat. I made macaroni and cheese. I scrambled three eggs and cooked in the microwave, then added it to the macaroni and cheese and the kids loved it. My son said it was his favorite two foods in one, breakfast and lunch.
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    My daughter is complaining about a teacher in one of her classes. It's a design technology class and the students are to design a floor plan of a house. She designed a floor plan she liked and I have seen it. It's not bad, looks like a good structured house. She is saying he wants her to...
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    Saving for Retirement

    Are you saving for retirement? I have another 15 years to go but I just find everything so expensive that we don't have much leftover to investment in our retirement. I do have a registered pension fund at work but it makes me think about what the future will be like.
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    Youngest Has a Job

    My daughter started working a month ago and I have to say it's great. She is making enough that she can buy her own brand clothing, without me paying a fortune. I'm trying to teach her to save money for the future, so she puts away part of the earnings into a high interest esavings account. You...
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    She's a New Driver

    Our daughter is now officially a licensed driver. It scares me to think she will be driving alone at night. Unlike my son, she took to driving right away. I've caught her speeding a couple of times and have told her if she gets a ticket for speeding she will have limited use of the car. My...
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    Tacos for Dinner

    Other than grilling burgers and steak, a meal I like to make for my children is tacos. I always buy the taco shells and small soft tortillas. The children find it easier to hold a soft tortilla with the hard taco shell in the middle of it. They fill up the taco then wrap the tortilla around...
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    Giving Up on Hockey

    We have always encouraged our children to play sports for both the social and health aspect of it. I'm a little disappointed and sad that my son no longer has an interest in playing hockey. He says it takes up too much of his time and just doesn't like it anymore. I will admit to enjoying...
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    Teen Talk

    Is it just me or do teenage girls talk funny? When my daughter has her friends over I swear they talk constantly and quickly. Most of the time I don't understand what they are saying. Maybe it's for the best, since it's probably about boys and the father in me doesn't want to know.
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    Special Time

    I've started special time for each child. I spend time with each child doing what that child wants to do with their special time. Sometimes it's going out to a movie, lunch or just playing outside. It makes each child feel that they are important individually as well as together.
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    The Walking Dead Series

    We started watching The Walking Dead television show, from AMC, with my son and I'm really enjoying it. It's a series about a group of people trying to find somewhere they can live where there is no threat of zombies. The world is being overrun by a virus where people who die become the...