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    Does she look down upon you?

    Well said, juggling between working and taking care of the kids and house is an epic workout. If some moms complain that it's difficult staying at home. It's the same for us. I think the thing they should consider here is how to communicate better.:p
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    Does she look down upon you?

    I am currently working at home as a dad. I'm still the bread winner though so I'm not sure if I could relate. I don't really think staying at home is a problem but I guess it really depends on the relationship of the parents involved.
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    Potty Training

    My son was also trained at two. What we did was to get one of the baby pots where he could easily sit when he needs to. So every time he has to go, he just needs to pull down his shorts and sit in his potty chair.
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    Managing Stress

    What I do is go to a quiet park and just watch people pass by. It helps clear my mind. Sometimes I listen to instrumental music or eat a lot of chocolates.
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    Too extreme or just right?

    A lot of people want to buy a laptop but can't afford one. So shooting a laptop in public makes it extreme. Also a good parent should still know that disciplining your children should be done privately. It only makes us immature if we will be the one's copying our children and not them copying...
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    Are You A Good Sport

    Yelling can also be a form of cheering for the parent especially if that parent really likes that sport. Don't get me wrong, I am one of the quiet types but I do understand where those loud parents are coming from. For me, so long as the loud parent is not saying anything about my kid, we're ok.
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    What type of movies you let your children watch?

    I have a 3 years old son. So I mostly let him watch those animated children shows like disney and friends, bob the builder, handy manny, etc. I don't allow him to watch barney though because they say that if you let you son watch it they'll turn into gay. No offense to gays and lesbians.
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    my broken email

    How do you check your emails do you use a client like outlook or do you access the emails through the webpages? You might want to check if your email has a filter or a restriction or if the ones sending you an email is using the correct address.
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    Make it Work People!

    In a word where divorce is just a step away, people can prove their love by literally trying to find a way to live together. Everyone has their own opinion, ideas, principles, and attitude wherein it is always impossible not to have a fight with your partner. The couples can prove their love by...
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    What type of father are you?

    I am the type of that that would let you do anything and everything so that you can experience the fright from wrong. Not that I do not do anything, as a matter of fact I do, but I would rather do it when the lesson would make sense.
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    Breaking Parent's Bad Habits

    My mother in law has a tendency to spoil my son to a point that he wants to stay more in his grand parents place than his own house. Whenever he is around her he cries almost about everything just to get what he wants.
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    Teaching kids how to cook

    I think it is a great opportunity for you to bond with your family when you cook food with them. I think the 14 years old can definitely cook food alone but the others you can simply ask to help you out.
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    Like your own father?

    I'm more of a silent observer type like my father used to be. He has this huge aura that you would know he was there even if he was silent the entire time.
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    fried food

    I always eat fried food but recently I have upgraded from fried dishes to instant noodles. I suppose I don't really have much time to spend when it comes to preparing dinner recently.
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    Sleeping Beauty?

    I thought the trailer was good. Does that mean that the story ended up as boring after all? What I liked about the trailer was that it reminded me with the story where sleeping beauty originated from. It's called "Talia, Sun, and Moon". It's about Talia (The sleeping beauty) getting raped and...
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    What should i do?

    I have to agree that it won't be easy but sometimes we have to do things that we don't want to do to be able to succeed. Especially if it involves your relationship with your son.
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    Got a new job!!

    Great to hear your success Salazar! Every thing that is earned the hard way is almost always worth the wait.
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    Mobilephone for 10 years old.

    I think it is alright for a 10 years old to get a cell phone. I hate to admit it but the younger generation are more talented and are smarter than how we were back then. When I was 10 years, I can only read books.
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    Too Much Salt?

    My mother does have a problem with eating too much salt but she is very stubborn with her food. She likes eating food that are too sweet to the point that I am worrying she might get diabetes. When we tell her so slow down on the sweet things she would only tell us not to bother her.
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    Which fruit/Vegetable is the best for your health?

    I know that there is no vegetable or fruit that can be an overall best. What I am trying to ask is what is the fruit or vegetable that is going to be the best for you as a person. Example you have a poor eye sight, I would go for spinach.