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    Car Battery

    The battery in one of our cars died yesterday. We didn't realize it until we couldn't start the car. Luckily it was an easy and relatively cheap fix, but the $100 still hurt.
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    Rough Night

    The kids were wound up last night due to the holiday, so they went to bed late. On top of that, my oldest kept coughing and waking frequently, crying as she did so. It was hard to console her. I think I got maybe two solid hours of sleep and the rest was just dozing in between her wakings. I...
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    Django Unchained

    I just finished watching Django Unchained. It's actually a really great movie! Have you ever seen it? I’m a Quentin Tarantino fan in general and this one is definitely worth a watch.
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    My Little Ponies

    The girls are going through a major My Little Ponies stage. It's too bad I'm not a brony, or I'd enjoy it more. ;) Anyway, as a result of their current obsession, it'll be a My Little Ponies themed Christmas as well.
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    Switching Beds & Talking

    Our girls share a room and recently have started waking up in the middle of the night to chat and switch beds. This is better than crying and coming to find us as they usually did. I've been going in to remind them that night time is for sleeping, but I'm starting to wonder if I should just...
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    Christmas Parade

    We took the kids to the annual Christmas parade last weekend and we all had a great time. They got an obscene amount of candy as well so we are distributing that very carefully. Does your town hold a Christmas parade?
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    She Will Never Have a Name

    My wife and I have really been struggling with finding a third girl name. Our first two girls have pretty names that end in the "a" sound so I feel like we probably should find a name that ends in "a" but we just can't agree on anything. At this rate, her birth certificate will simply say...
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    Started Christmas Shopping

    This weekend we were able to start picking up gifts for the girls for Christmas. We only have a couple left to buy so hopefully we will get them this weekend or next and then we'll be ready for them at least. Have you started Christmas shopping?
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    Seeing Santa

    Do you take your kids to see Santa every year? We took them last year but it's so expensive to buy the photo package. I don't know if we can just take them without buying the photos, or if we can find a cheaper Santa somewhere.
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    Bad Week

    I started off the week with a mild stomach bug. It wasn't too terrible most of the time, but I couldn't eat. As it has subsided, a cold has decided to take its place. I'm annoyed.
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    Into the Markers

    I was making a marinade yesterday while my wife was still working and when I finished, I discovered the kids had found a Sharpie! My older girl had given herself "lipstick" and "nail polish" while the younger basically had a colored mask on her face. I had to laugh even as I took the marker...
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    On a Shrek Kick

    My daughters are currently obsessed with watching Shrek. I have to say, it's one of the easier obsessions to deal with! ;) My Little Pony is a bit harder to sit through.
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    Craving + Pregnancy Brain = Pizza

    My wife cracked me up yesterday. She told me she was reading an article on giving birth when suddenly she thought "I wonder what the pizza specials are today?" It was random, but who am I to say no to a pizza craving? ;) It was a good dinner.
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    Temporary Tattoos

    My kids are really into temporary tattoos these days. We put one on each of them every few days or so. I love seeing my little girls wander around with snakes, dragons, and skulls on their arms. It's adorable.
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    Potty Training Attempt #2

    We've been trying to potty train our youngest again this weekend. It's not going particularly well. She did finally pee a little on the potty today (day 3) and we rewarded her but if she doesn't improve, I think she'll be back in diapers tomorrow since we'll be out of the house.
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    Cold Hot Chocolate

    My oldest daughter doesn't care for anything hot, but she loves "hot" chocolate. We made her some from a mix and then put it in the fridge so it would cool. She's drinking it down now.
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    Busier in School?

    Once your kids started going to school, were you busier? Did this happen right away with kindergarten or did you get busier as they got older?
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    Sleepy Hollow

    What do you guys think of Sleepy Hollow so far? I've only watched it a little while doing other things but my wife loves it.
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    Naked Barbies

    Does anyone know why Barbies must be naked? My girls occasionally put clothes on them but most of the time they prefer them without clothes. I don't get it.
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    Having Another Girl

    We had the gender scan and we are having another girl! We are happy about it but it gets a little annoying that everyone assumes I am upset about not having a son.