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    Texas judge removes children from home over homeschooling

    This has been going on for awhile now, but it is just now hitting mainstream media. I find it to be absurd that you can have your children removed from your home because you choose to home-school them. I am also willing to bet that the caseworker who said that the mom was "crazy" for wanting to...
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    This weather is insane!

    This weather is absolutely insane! Earlier this week we were dealing with the possibility of snow and this morning it was 67 degrees! Not only that it was pouring down rain and my whole yard is in standing water!
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    They are growing up!

    I can't believe it, but my oldest is about to be five years old! I still remember holding her in the hospital when she would fit in the palm of my hand. My youngest will be three soon, and he told me he needs a big bed because his is too small...he's still in a toddler bed. They grow so fast! :eek:
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    Staying Home for Christmas

    For the first time ever my wife and kids and I are staying home on Christmas day! This is all I have wanted for Christmas for years instead of having to spend the whole day in the road running from place to place. We had a family gathering Saturday, one tonight, and another tomorrow, but on...
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    Not respecting our wishes

    We have an issue where several family members do not respect our wishes regarding what we tell our children about Santa Claus. We choose to tell our kids that he is not real and that their presents come from mom and dad. At Thanksgiving multiple people asked my kids what Santa was going to...
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    I'm an uncle!

    My brother and sister-in-law welcomed their twins ( a boy and a girl) into the world on Tuesday so I am officially an uncle! I can't wait to meet the little guys, but it will probably be awhile. :)
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    What's your favorite Christmas food?

    What is your favorite food to eat around the Christmas holidays? I think most people have at least one! I have two...sausage balls and hot apple cider.
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    Has anyone taken their kids to see the new Disney movie Frozen yet? My kids are going with their grandparents this weekend to see it. This will be my kids first time to see a movie in theaters!
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    A paycheck...finally!

    Well, if we can just make it to Friday I will finally get a "real" paycheck for the first time in two years. Most of it will go to bills as soon as I get it, but at least maybe we can start climbing out of the hole.
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    Hunger Games Catching Fire

    Has anyone seen the new Hunger Games movie Catching Fire? I haven't seen it yet, but I heard that it was really good. I am hoping to take my wife next weekend.
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    Shopping for your wife yet?

    Have you started shopping for your wife for Christmas yet? I haven't actually started shopping yet, but I have made up a list of possibilities.
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    Hash Brown Casserole

    we have been trying some new recipes around the dinner table and hash brown casserole has become a new family favorite. The recipe calls for bacon, but we have also substituted ham and chicken. I like throwing a few jalapenos in too. 2 pounds frozen hash browns, thawed 1/4 cup butter...
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    Still looking

    I am still looking for a job and I am so tired of it. It is really depressing to look around on the local job pages and find that the only positions available are part-time and minimum wage. You can't provide for a family like that!
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    Pan fried chicken, garlic parmesan mashed potatoes and black-eyed peas

    That's what we are having for dinner tonight. I have been in the kitchen nearly all day, but I love having the opportunity to cook a delicious meal for my family. :)
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    Man, is it cold!

    I don't know about where you are, but I am down south and it is downright cold! We are supposed to have freezing temperatures Friday and Saturday night. That doesn't usually happen down here until close to Thanksgiving. :eek:
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    My wife and I have been watching Borgia on Netflix and it is pretty good. I was wondering if any of you know of a similar series we might try to watch next. We have already seen Spartacus. ;)
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    No death benefits for our fallen soldiers?

    I saw this article in the news today and I was just appalled. The rest of the world is watching this too, as well as our current soldiers and their families. What are they fighting for if there is no guarantee their families will be cared for should they make the ultimate sacrifice?
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    Grilling tonight

    It has been a really rough week around here so tonight we are going to pull out the grill and throw whatever my wife finds cheap at the grocery store on it. We'll turn on the radio and let the little monsters run around for a bit!
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    Nearly cut my fingers off

    So last week I got laid off, and this week I nearly cut two of my fingers off on the meat slicer at school. They look terrible and with no insurance I can't go to the doctor. We already have emergency room bills to pay! When it rains it pours right?
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    Got let go

    Well, after six weeks in a "fine dining" establishment I got let go last night. The executive chef quit about a month ago and they are trying to restructure things. The new kitchen manager just came up and told me after service last night that I was no longer on the schedule. :eek: I have to...