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    I remember that my parents used to promise whole bunch of things to me. The only problem was they didn't live up to many of them which used to annoy me a lot. When do you make promises to your kids?
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    Swimming For Joints?

    A friend recommended swimming to me for injured tendons? He said that it will relieve some of the pain in time and help recovery. How true is this?
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    My kids have been pretty demanding lately when it comes to wishes. Skateboards are I guess back in fashion? These things can be pretty dangerous. Would your let your kid use it?
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    Magic Tricks?

    My kids are just obsessed with magic tricks. I know I liked magicians when I was a kid myself. Are your kids fond of magic?
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    Being your own handyman - have you considered this? I've never been exposed to any serious work of any type of home repairment before but I'm starting to learn everything slowly. It's neat to learn how to fix things around the house.
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    Borrowing Money?

    What does it take in your book to borrow money? How far would you go before doing this? Also from whom would you borrow money?
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    Have you watched this movie? It is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. There is no weak performance in this masterpiece. The drama, the plot, excellent...
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    Has anyone tried Crossfit sport here? It seems very interesting to me. This sport is gaining popularity very fast and I see Crossfit gyms springing out everywhere.
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    When would you forgive?

    Would you forgive your wife an affair? I guess it all the depends on the situation and what led to it but in general what is your opinion on this?
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    Brain Fog

    I usually experience it when I'm starting a reduced calorie diet. It's that transitional period when brain is adapting to working on body fat and not glucose. Do you have an idea how I can speed up my brain a bit? Someone said caffeine...?
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    Healthy Snack?

    What, in your opinion, is the best snack that you can carry with you all the time that can be a quick meal before you find a time to sit down for a standard lunch?
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    Irrational Spending?

    I know people that just don't know how to save money and they have more then they need for sure but they manage to spend it anyway. What would you say to them?
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    Truck Exploding 39 Times!

    Взрыв газели Ñ Ð±Ð°Ð»Ð¾Ð½Ð°Ð¼Ð¸ на МКÐДе - YouTube Admittedly I started watching this video because I though it would be interesting. But after 20 seconds you realize how big of an idiot do you need to be to endure full 7 minutes of it and still be amazed with this happening.
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    Oblivion and New Sci-fi

    Have you watched this movie (Oblivion)? All of my friends say it is one of the best sci-fi movies of the year. Can you recommend some new quality sci-fi material?
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    Would you consider supplementing with some nutrient over a longer period of time? Is there a change that you could become dependent on it?
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    Jennifer Lawrence Craze

    Ever since I watched Silver Linings Playbook movie with Jennifer Lawrence I have been on the hunt for other movies of her. Not only that she is gorgeous in an atypical way she also kicks butt as an actress. Would you agree?
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    If They Can Why Can't I?!

    Does this sound familiar anyone? I get that they are kids but sometimes I just don't have the patience for such attitude. How do you handle it?
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    Bulk Foods?

    Do you buy food in bulk? Some of my friends regularly buy bags of rice and flour. What is the best place for such purchasing online?
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    Walnuts vs Almonds?

    Why do experts recommend almonds so much when it comes to healthy fats intake when clearly walnuts are much richer with them? I checked nutritional data of both on several sites.
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    How to Check Calories in Food?

    Is there a way I can do this at home? Is there a process or a machine that can measure how much calories certain foods have?