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    Texas judge removes children from home over homeschooling

    This has been going on for awhile now, but it is just now hitting mainstream media. I find it to be absurd that you can have your children removed from your home because you choose to home-school them. I am also willing to bet that the caseworker who said that the mom was "crazy" for wanting to...
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    They are growing up!

    My now five year old keeps telling us that she is a "grown-up" now because she is five years old. We have got to do better about taking pictures this year so we have them as they get older. We did a really bad job about that last year.
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    This weather is insane!

    This weather is absolutely insane! Earlier this week we were dealing with the possibility of snow and this morning it was 67 degrees! Not only that it was pouring down rain and my whole yard is in standing water!
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    Re-freezing chicken?

    You can cook the chicken and then re-freeze it to use in dishes later, but you can't thaw it and then re-freeze it raw. That's coming straight from the ServSafe manual. ;)
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    No Internet at New Place

    I am glad that you were finally able to get it taken care of. We are stuck with AT&T and I hate them. They know that they can provide horrible customer service because they are the only provider here!
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    Getting money back!

    It is always better to over pay and get money back than to under pay and end up owing money. I'll bet your wife would love a nice evening out with you.
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    Credit card statement

    We don't even have credit cards anymore. Everything we bought was from my wife's online job. We didn't get everything we wanted/needed to but we didn't go into debt either.
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    How old to stay home alone?

    I think that if you are talking about quick runs to the grocery store and things like that it is perfectly fine to start at nine. You would need to get him a phone though and I wouldn't leave him for more than half an hour or so to start.
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    Denture Reline

    I would definitely schedule an appointment with your dentist to see what they can do. If your gums were swollen when they were fitted it would make sense that now the dentures are loose.
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    I have been very fortunate with this. My father-in-law knows at least a little bit about everything and he has never minded showing me how to do this stuff.
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    Django Unchained

    We saw this a few weeks back and we both thought it was a pretty good movie. Very, very gory in typical Tarantino style too.
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    Rough Night

    Have you tried raising the head of her bed a little bit with pillows or a couple of rolled up towels under the mattress? My youngest is going through the same thing and that seems to help him a lot.
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    They are growing up!

    I can't believe it, but my oldest is about to be five years old! I still remember holding her in the hospital when she would fit in the palm of my hand. My youngest will be three soon, and he told me he needs a big bed because his is too small...he's still in a toddler bed. They grow so fast! :eek:
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    One of Those Months

    We are starting our year off in a bad spot. My employer just informed me that the restaurant will be closed January 1st through the 8th. I know that it's only a week, but we just got a short check with the holiday and now there will be a pay period with a whole week missing. We don't have a...
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    Wife wants the tree down already

    My wife informed me that she is planning to take our trees down today while I am at work. They have been up since the middle of November so it is time. Down here there is an old wives tale about it being bad luck to have them up on New Year's.
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    Not respecting our wishes

    I am not sure which it is is either, but I am not going to let anyone make my kids feel bad about Christmas. I don't have a problem with the Santa myth, we just choose not to go that route with our kids.
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    Not respecting our wishes

    Fortunately, over Christmas no one brought Santa up at all. I kind of went off to my mother about it because I was upset and I think she might have spread the word. :)
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    Staying Home for Christmas

    For the first time ever my wife and kids and I are staying home on Christmas day! This is all I have wanted for Christmas for years instead of having to spend the whole day in the road running from place to place. We had a family gathering Saturday, one tonight, and another tomorrow, but on...
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    Not respecting our wishes

    I am glad that I am not the only one that thinks there is something wrong with this. There were other children present, but not in the room at the the time. My oldest is about to turn five so they should all know where we stand on the Santa issue by now. Timothy, those were my thoughts exactly!
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    When would you forgive?

    My wife and I have an open marriage so this is not something that we will ever have to worry about. Even if we didn't have an open marriage I wouldn't throw out our whole relationship just because she had sex with someone else.