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    Is your kid good at making friends?

    Does your child make friends easily? So far, my daughter seems to be like me when I was a kid, and likes to keep to herself. I worry about it. I want her to be able to make friends and not be afraid to make friends. What can I do? Does you child seem to make friends easily?
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    What was your initial reaction?

    What was your initial reaction when you first found out your wife/girlfriend was pregnant? Was the pregnancy planned? My wife's pregnancy was planned and we had been trying to have a baby for a while. My wife was so happy that she was crying when we found out. I was also very happy, as I...
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    Outdoor activities for all weather conditions?

    What are some activities that you like to do with your children in the warmer months and in the colder months? In the winter, sometimes my wife and I will take our daughter sledding. In the summer, we take her to the zoo. She loves that. She also loves going to the beach and building sand...
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    How moody was your wife/girlfriend during pregnancy?

    Oh, boy, do I remember how moody my wife was. I completely understand why she was extra moody, though. The smallest things would irritate her at times and she was often depressed. I hated seeing her go through that, but I am glad that we now have a beautiful daughter. Was your significant...
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    Do you plan your child's/children's meals?

    As the title says, do you plan your child's meals or do you just decide on what meals to cook day by day? I plan all the meals, but there is variety. I just like to be organized and have a plan. How do you do it?