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    Credit card statement

    So right now I imagine the credit card statements are starting to roll in from all the Christmas purchases. My wife and I did not use one single credit card this year. We saved money all year and bought everything with cash. How is everyone else doing? Did you tape off your mailbox? :)
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    Chicken wing dip failure

    Well we gave it a shot. I think our problem was that we cooked the chicken in the hot sauce. My wife then strained the chicken and dumped the remaining sauce out. The wing dip was really dry and not even a tiny bit spicy. I took out a couple of scoops and added more hot sauce. It was really good...
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    How were the kids?

    How did Christmas morning go? Did the kids have a great time? Did they get what they asked Santa for? Our Christmas morning was marvelous!
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    Christmas celebrations!

    How many different celebrations do you and your family have for Christmas? We have 4 of them! My favorite celebration is Christmas morning with just my family. We do celebrate with the in-laws and my family too.
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    What a weekend - what a race (playoff)

    Wow, I loved watching NFL football yesterday. There were so many great games. I still can't believe that the Dolphins beat the Patriots! Tom Brady always seems to come back in the end to win. I also love that the Steelers put a "beat-down" on the Bengals. I feel like it's a little too late though.
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    What a game

    Anyone watching the Denver Broncos versus Dallas Cowboys game? What a great game! I really hope the Boys win... odd to be saying that. This game has to be breaking some records.
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    New boss!

    My old boss got the boot! I'm pretty happy about that - or at least I was. He was horrible. He had his favorites and he let everyone know it. I really thought that with a new boss this would stop. The new boss would come in and weed out the people that don't work. That did not happen yet. I know...
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    High school football team

    So far this year we have made it to every football game for our local high school. They have won them all. They play tomorrow instead of tonight and I told my daughter we might not be able to make it. She was pretty upset. She thinks they are winning because we are going! I love it. Needless to...
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    Love spending time with my kids!

    I love being able to do all kinds of fun things with my children. I don't remember doing too much with my dad when I was growing up. He was always working or doing something without us kids. I think times are changing though. I take the kids out all the time. We go to the park with a couple of...
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    Used cars

    I swear people and dealers want too much money for used cars! I think most people aren't buying new ones so they are jacking the price on used ones. Makes me crazy!
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    Fall shows!

    I cannot wait! All of the fall shows start coming back in a couple of weeks. We love Chicago Fire, NCIS and loads of other ones. Anyone else excited?
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    Week 1 over... surprises?

    Week one of football is behind us. Anything surprise you? Several things did me. Manning throwing 7 touchdown passes! Steelers loosing to the Titans! Showing no offense! RG3 looking so rusty but coming back in the end (fell short though). Clay Matthews taking a cheap shot at Kaepernick...
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    Last trip to the drive-in

    We are taking our last trip to the drive-in this weekend. We do it every year. It is a treat for the kids for making it through the first couple of days of school. The drive-in shows three movies each night now instead of two.
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    Boneless pork ribs

    I went to a cousins house last night and she made BBQ boneless pork ribs. They had no bone but they were all together. We had to cut them apart. They were amazing. I've never made these before. We have always had bone in ribs.
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    I started a new exercise regime last month. I started off walking a mile a day. I am not running 3 miles every day! I feel great! My goal is to get to 5 miles each day. Anyone else like to run?
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    Double Overtime

    Anyone watch the playoff game yesterday afternoon between the Ravens and Broncos? It was a great game and it came down to double overtime. I did not want the Ravens to win though! Still it was a great game! Anyone remember if any other playoff game went into double overtime?
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    Superbowl bound?

    Which two teams do you think will make it to the Superbowl? Now that we know which teams are in the playoffs lets all guess who will go all the way. I'm going to go for the underdog here and say Bengals versus the Redskins.
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    Sledding tomorrow

    We are in the middle of a huge storm - Euclid is the name the Weather Channel named her. So far we have 7 inches of snow and it's still coming. The kids can't wait for tomorrow! The snow is supposed to stop around 1pm and we are going to head out and go sledding. Oh yeah! Get to try out the new...
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    The Voice

    Did you watch The Voice this season? Team Blake won again! I'm glad his team won but I wanted Terry to win. My kids wanted Cassidy so they were really happy. I thought Terry was better but probably because I loved the songs he sang. What did you think?
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    Cheesy potatoes

    My wife made some cheesy potatoes dish and topped it off with sour cream. It was delicious! Anyone had anything like this? It was baked in the oven, the potatoes are sliced up. I think she found it on Pinterest.