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    Bringing a new woman around

    How do you know when it is time to introduce a new woman to your kids? I'm not there yet, but I want to have some thoughts nailed down so that my emotions don't push me to bring her in too soon. Also, how would you introduce them?
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    What career field would you go into?

    If you had to do it over, what would you do? I have found myself at something of a career crossroads, and I am considering making a drastic change. Looking for input on things I might not have thought of myself, so I'm purposely not giving a lot of background. Thanks for any ideas you have.
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    How old to stay home alone?

    I completely agree that the kid makes all of the difference. This particular 9-year-old is extremely bright, and quick-thinking. He does not take crazy risks, does not get into things, has an innate concern about strangers, and does not panic. He's not perfect, of course, but those things seem...
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    I always think that it is best to under promise, and over deliver. On the rare occasion that I have had to change plans or cancel something, I can see that it has really upset them, even if it didn't feel like a big deal to me. I want them to know that they can count on me.
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    They are growing up!

    They really do grow up way too fast. I am realizing that, especially now that I get to spend so much less time with them.
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    How old to stay home alone?

    Thank you for your input. Maybe I will start with something like running to the gas station. I do want him to feel more independent. It occurs to me that I am going to need to either get a second cell phone though, or install a land line, so he can call if there is an emergency or he got scared...
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    Chicken wing dip failure

    This is one of the reasons I don't cook much anymore. I just don't want to go through the hassle of making something only to have it turn out badly. I'm glad you found a way to fix yours, though!
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    Re-freezing chicken?

    If I remember, the more times you freeze and thaw something, the more you degrade it. There are a lot of uses for cooked chicken, though. Why don't you cook what you need for your recipe, and then cook the rest for things like casseroles, etc.?
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    How was your Christmas?

    Oh, there is definitely a lot to be thankful for. Things just hit me harder than I expected. I think that next year, I will work harder to find things to do when I don't have the kids with me, so I don't have as much time to focus on it.
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    Magic Tricks?

    My son is really fascinated and wants to watch any TV show that reveals how the magic is done. I do have to watch out, because some of these are unexpectedly gory, with their illusions, but I bet he would love a magic book. His birthday is coming up, too!
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    Django Unchained

    I really did not think that I was going to like it, but I have seen it twice now, and would watch it again. That is how I judge movies. If I will watch them repeatedly, I know it was pretty good!
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    Rough Night

    You might consider a humidifier, too. I know that helps my kids sometimes. I hate those nights when it is just one thing after another, to keep you from getting any good sleep. Hopefully it is better tonight.
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    How do I teach them to ride a bike with my bad back?

    I wish my kids were more determined, but they are just afraid. They don't even like the wobbly feeling of riding with the training wheels. It is kind of embarrassing, how old they are and not even close to riding.
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    How old to stay home alone?

    My son is 9, but very mature. I am wondering when he will be ready to start staying home alone for short times (like if I run to the store or something). How do you decide? If I left it up to my ex, he would be about 20!
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    How was your Christmas?

    It was hard for me. This was my first year as a single dad, and I was glad that I got to spend some time with the kids, but nothing at all was the same. I spent a lot of time alone, and it was really just depressing.
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    Dude, You're S*rewed

    They have a whole camera crew, but they are under strict orders not to interfere unless the situation is life and death. Now, we are talking about "reality" tv, so who knows how much they really set things up or whatever, but that's what they said.
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    How moody was your wife/girlfriend during pregnancy?

    My wife wasn't too moody, really. The exception to that would be if she hadn't eaten, and let her blood sugar drop. Then she could get downright mean. She wasn't diabetic or anything, so I don't know why that affected her so much, but I learned to just keep a granola bar in the car!
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    Not respecting our wishes

    Wow. I would be furious if someone told my kid something like that. That is seriously messed up. I hope that you said something to them. If you didn't, you could still send an email or something letting them know that was not ok in any way, and you won't let your kids be hurt by them over a fantasy.
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    Do you cook for yourself?

    I have started making bigger meals when I have my kids, so that I will have leftovers during the week. This seems to be working out really well for me, because it is cheaper than getting take-out, but I also don't have to deal with the mess (and hassle) every night.
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    My Brother-In-Law Is A Battered Husband

    I don't think that encouraging counseling is butting in too much or overstepping. If she is willing to try it and could potentially change, then the 3 of them (including the kid) could be better off in the long run. I would make it clear though, that you are behind him no matter what he chooses.