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    Re-freezing chicken?

    My wife bought a family pack of boneless, skinless chicken breasts and since we didn't need them the day she bought them, she froze the whole pack. Now we're getting ready to cook some of the chicken, but we don't need to cook all of it. If we defrost the whole pack, can we refreeze the breasts...
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    No Internet at New Place

    We just moved across town for a great deal on a 1-year lease. All in all, everything went over pretty smooth -- no issues having utilities cut on, no issues having minor repairs at the apartment taken care of quickly, and lots of help from friends and family getting everything moved over. The...
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    Denture Reline

    Do any members here wear dentures? I have been wearing them for a few months now and I think it's time for a reline. They fit really well at first but now they feel "too big" and even the adhesives aren't that much help anymore. How much improvement can I expect to see from a reline? Anyone?
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    Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime

    Which do you have, or do you subscribe to more than one streaming subscription service? We keep Netflix but at the moment, we also have trials to Hulu and Prime. I have to admit, it's been really nice having the free 2-day shipping! I think we might keep the Prime, although I don't really like...
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    Dog has anxiety problems

    We have two dogs, one of which seems to have anxiety problems. Take the last month, for instance: We've been working on the house, repainting, pulling carpet out and putting hard floor down, etc. As a result, the house has been in disarray for several weeks now. The older dog has just taken it...
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    Adult Acne

    My wife seems to have a bad case of "adult acne." Does anyone know what causes this or how to treat it? We can't really afford to go to the doctor about it right now because we're not insured. Which would be the best over-the-counter medication to treat it?
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    Colds All The Way Around

    We're right in the middle of home renovations and what do you know -- everyone has come down with a head cold. I've already had to miss a day of work this week over this mess and several days into it, I'm still running a fever over 100. Ugh.
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    Anna's Linens problems

    My wife decided she wanted to re-do our bedroom so she bought a couple of comforter sets from Anna's Linens online. Well, ten days later, we still hadn't received the order, so she calls about it, only to find out that it's still "processing," although no one can explain why. Eventually it's...
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    Xbox One

    Has anyone here bought an Xbox One (or a PS4)? I've had my eye on the Xbox One for quite a while now but $500 is just out of the question right now.
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    Renovating the House

    We are "knee deep" in renovations at the moment, having decided to repaint almost the entire house and then pull out all the carpet and replace it with hard flooring. We're also tearing our old kitchen cabinets out, buying new/unfinished cabinets, and then staining and hanging them ourselves. I...
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    Obamacare, Health Insurance, Etc.

    With Obamacare's passing comes new mandatory health insurance laws, so I was wondering how many of you here are going to sign up for insurance through the government, how many of you are signing up through your employer, and how many of you opted to go without insurance and just pay the fee next...
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    Okay, so maybe it's not your typical entertainment form anymore, what with TV, movies, and the Internet, but it's still a great way to pass the time and "get away" for a while. (Better yet, it's free! All you need is a library card.) I just finished reading The Stand (by Stephen King) and now...
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    I doubt that this is a "new" TV show by any means, since there are about 100 episodes of it already on Netflix, but we are just now getting around to watching it. We watched the first episode last night and at an hour and twenty minutes long, it was more like a movie than a pilot for a TV show...
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    Condoms - Good enough?

    Got a tough one here, guys. My wife has been wearing an IUD for several years now but it's about to expire and she'll have to have it removed soon. She's had a fair amount of problems with hormonal birth control over the years and says that after this IUD is removed, she doesn't want to take or...
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    New Car or Older?

    We need a second vehicle pretty soon but I can't decide if it would be better to buy an older vehicle or a newer one. An older one would cost less up front but would also be worse in terms of gas mileage. With a newer car, it would be the opposite. I only have to drive about 10 miles back and...
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    Anniversary Plans

    Our anniversary is at the end of this month and I want to plan something special for the two of us. I doubt we'll be able to take a vacation, as money is tight and I don't think either of us can take time off from work. What else can you guys think of that would be romantic and really rub her...
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    Quick, Hot Breakfasts

    I absolutely hate to cook in the mornings before work, but I also want to eat hot food for breakfast. What is there to choose from in the way of quick, hot breakfasts?
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    A coworker turned me on to this TV show after I told her about Bob's Burgers. She said that the dad in Bob's Burgers is voiced by the same guy who does Archer's voice. Have any of you watched Archer? It's hilarious!
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    Renovated our Bathroom

    We renovated our bathroom over the weekend and it looks so much better now. For a long time, we had a laminate shower surround and it had really started to look rough. We pulled it out and laid tile from the tub all the way up to the ceiling. Then we repainted and bought new fixtures for the tub...
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    Finally Joined This Century!

    I jest, but seriously it feels like we have made a major step "forward" by investing in a couple of smartphones. My wife and I were the only two people we knew still using "archaic" flip phones. Now we have a couple of inexpensive touchscreen phones with internet access, nice cameras, and video...