Advice for a young father


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So i am going into my third year of spliting my life into a 50/50 every week. Half the week I'm home and with my wife and 1 year old. The other half I'm 2 hours away with my 2 older daughters from my ex. I had to get a home where my ex lives in order to share custody due to the fact she couldnt afford to relocate since she didnt work. So my lease is coming up on its expiration. I had court on may 9th and my ex was served court papers and she didnt show up to court.

I saved 3 years worth of police reports of her breaking court orders. I've had the police approach her when she wouldnt contact me back on my court ordered days. She would still refuse me my time with my kids after the cop would present her the court order.

So the judge had me wait all day in court to see if she would arrive late. As I'm the last person in court he tells me i have to reschedule and they will mail her a notice. Hes the same judge we had last time and he remembered me and the sacrifice i made to move.

So my ex never showed up to court and now go back may 30th. Is it worth having my lawyer come back and go through money again or just let the judge do his own judgement?

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