Belated Hello


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Hi all,

I've been around a while but must have mist the intro forum until now. Thought I should drop by and tell you a little about myself if you haven't already seen it in my posts.

I'm Lee, I'm married and have 3 children - 2 with my wife and 1 from a previous relationship. My kids are 5, 18 month and 6 month. After 10 years working as a computer technician I decided I'd had enough, I left my job and went back to college to train as a Chef. I'm now fully qualified and working in a local restaurant. The hours are long and late but I love it so much more than before.



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Well a belated greetings and salutations. That is a big jump from computer tech to Chef. Although I was just reading an article about a lot of IT guys becoming BBQ champs / Pitmasters.